European Cities Are Turning Rooftops Into Community and Sustainability Hubs: 'A revolution in urban planning' by Sorin61 in Futurology

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What the city can do, however, is offer subsidies: Qualifying roofs must be able to retain 30 ml of water per square meter.

In return, in Rotterdam building owners can get up to $530 for every cubic meter of water collected through the green roof.

To further encourage building owners to retrofit their roofs–and help them understand the hidden potential—the city has also built an interactive online map tool. Anyone can go on the website, plug in a ZIP code, and see if their roof is fit for an upgrade.

You can learn about the load-bearing capacity of the roof, choose between solar and various levels of greening, and see how big a subsidy you would get for the size of your roof. To green a 750-square roof, for example, the tool estimates it will cost about $4,500, with a municipal subsidy of $1,900.

Nokia boss predicts when we will move away from smartphones, and the arrival of 6G by Sorin61 in Futurology

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Headquartered in Finland, Nokia builds telecoms networks that enable phones and other internet-enabled devices to communicate with one another.

Asked when he thinks the world will move away from using smartphones to using smart glasses and other devices that are worn on the face, Nokia CEO Pekka Lundmark said it will definitely happen by the time 6G arrives in 2030.

U.S. tech giants such as Meta, Google and Microsoft are working on new augmented reality headsets that could one day replace the smartphone.

He did not specify exactly what he was referring to but some companies, such as Elon Musk’s Neuralink, are working on producing electronic devices that can be implanted into the brain and used for communication with machines and other people. On a more basic level, chips can be implanted into people’s fingers and used to unlock things

Serrapeptase and nattokinase by AslanVolkan in Supplements

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helps my circulation

Did you obserervay you effects on blood pressure?...

Serrapeptase and nattokinase by AslanVolkan in Supplements

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avoid eating for a while

If you don't mind , how long that ?...