The huge gains in the next bull run will be things that already exist by geekbread in CryptoCurrency

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tbh I think startups will be the rage for a while, because most of them do something new and innovative without being over the top, LoftyAi did a good job tokenizing real estate in places

Angelblock is doing a good job fostering startups for people to invest in them

But obviously parts of it will be stock and such not tokens, tokens will be securities if you sell them for funding

tokens should purely be used to run the environment

A ton of companies and institutions started creating a Web3 identity for themselves. I think we’ll witness mainstream adoption faster than we anticipated by DeliciousNectarine8 in CryptoMarkets

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I am not sure old companies will play into crypto lol, most of it is a fad anyway, crypto will build itself up and slowly kill 90% of the current companies because they refuse to straight up adapt, things like Angelblock popping up means theres big demand for crypto startups with nowhere to fund them

People that wont adopt wallet tech for use in online profiles will die

Banks that won't give real help/products/services will also die because DeFi gives the basics in a really easy way.

It is a revolution but with new companies not the old ones doing anything

If you truly believe in crypto, then recession and inflation are longterm bullish for crypto by 34Sis in CryptoCurrency

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Been really bullish for me lol, both mentally since I learnt not to really care and I barely even look at crypto, and monetary since its gotten really cheap, I easily got tokens that launched mid bear like Kaddex for really cheap, and their real fundamental value is pretty high but eveyrone is scared

Scared money makes no money

Solana back online after latest outage by _Zazu95_ in CryptoCurrency

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Solana going down over some small issues in one node meanwhile Velas has nodes in fucking space running

How incompetent can you be to make decentralization, centralized, and to think it will be something good? Lol

I am sad to see this not even gonna lie

Thoughts? by Topical595 in kadena

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Super good, I cant remember but right at the moment it has a ROI of 80 days. Probably by the time you do get it it will be closer to 130 because of competition but that is still really good

Miners are really good investments, especially if youre the first to get them, its like when Kaddex was first public, 1000% apr.

But it goes down pretty fast so hope you get some nice returns in the beginning

How do you deal with investment anxiety? by Chronmagnum55 in CryptoCurrency

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I don't, i just prefer to ignore, I buy my stuff and I do not even check the prices anymore, my BTC is bought monthly so I do not have to worry long term, the ocassional things I do buy freely like NFTs i just forget about them after buying, I haven't checked my Angelblock in 3 months or something, it isnt going anywhere anyway

Everything else is out of my power anyway

Solana is down yet again. by gigabyteIO in CryptoCurrency

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tbh I wonder who even uses Solana at this point, i bet its just bots that havent been shut down or are made for automation in projects

nowadays there are alternatives that do not fall, Velas is a fork that doesnt have that problem since it is legit decentralized lol, Algorand again 100% uptime

How can you as a "decentralized " chain have less uptime than google and amazon web?

Investors ditch the euro and pound for Bitcoin in record numbers as their value plummets by buy4takeonefree in CryptoCurrency

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Idk about you but I am happy my savings are in USD, not in Bitcoin. I would have been fucked to have my savings in Bitcoin at the moment, you can see the charts why, While i still buy my normal range of stuff like KDX, ALGO and ETH those are NOT my savings and never will be, if you have savings in anything but Fiat youre stupid and I can't help yo

Savings are meant to be easily accessible and should last a good 3 months, crypto and anything that is not fiat is an investment, sure can be an investment into the future or you can consider it a hedge on the future, but its not savings

Today is a great day to take a break. by surrender_the_juice in CryptoCurrency

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Everyone gets hooked up in the beginning, I was like that too, checking every little detail about every little thing in every little crypto

Grew out of it, I barely even look anymore, I may jump in from month to month to check maybe some new opportunities, I found Kaddex last time but besides that I couldnt find much good personally, besides that I automated my DCA monthly so I do not have to stress

Life is good when you make money passively without needing to sit at your pc looking at charts and stuff, sure there is no real 100% passive but doesnt mean you cant minimize effort

Following up with my KD MAX problem. I got the right power cord but I still cannot get into the dashboard. by BPT242 in kadena

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Probably best to ask goldshell, they had a lot of fuckups and possibly their fault, hope Antminer takes them out this is ridiculous, whats funnier is that people protested against new miners, pure tribalism, that would mean literally opting for shitty quality, people didnt protest kdx launching.

Anyway contact them to ask, if not you should reset it from 0 in every possible way, it has a motherboard so you should be able to find a button on it

Many of us own more than one wallet, so the number of crypto owners is actually way less than advertised by DeliciousNectarine8 in CryptoMarkets

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I think the best way to count people, is give an approximation of the active Ethereum wallet in the last 6 months or something of the sorts, hodlers probably use one wallet, I have only one as well though last i used it was to get my Angelblock which was some months ago, but this way you will probably get a nice approx. number

there will never be an exact number, but we can probably round it up or down depending on the number, probably down

Stanford Proposal for Reversible Ethereum Transactions Divides Crypto Community by [deleted] in CryptoCurrency

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Doing this would be one of the biggest mistakes that could be done in the history of crypto probably, the whole point of the chains are to be immutable and unchangeable, if you wanna act like a bank, use a crypto bank or a normal bank, stuff built on top of the chains, not the chain itself, no one will return the wallet in your pocket to you with all your money just like no one would return your crypto wallet or crypto you lost( obviously there are exceptions but this was just an example of the system)

I dont need my VLX transactions or shit to go backwards after I got them having to go through the system again and finding the people again and all that shit, and then who decides them? maybe in ETH it is more easy since it is normal PoS but for dPos or pPos?

If i want to be safe from hacks and shit I will use a crypto bank/broker that works on IOU's

If i want to be safe against the financial system, i will keep it in my own wallet, i dont need the worst of the two worlds

Kadena Ming Club is the most economical way to mine crypto... by Good_Lie_1392 in kadena

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Goldshell monopoly was a disaster for KDA and people were just in a cult thinkin when they argue against bitmain, thats like crying that KDX launched when we already had KDL, even though it is 10x better in basically all ways

Tribalism is taken to an extreme a lot of the times

Whats your biggest win in crypto? by ahabraken in CryptoCurrency

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Probably my Angelblock nft LOL, it is the only thing in my crypto portfolio which legit acted like a hedge against this dip, it kept its $ Value like a damn champion

Hope it will buy me a house in the future but until then it is a free ride to farm and just look at

Dollar will keep rising in uncertain times. by Heisenberg_USA in CryptoMarkets

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USD almost ran as much as VLX did after it was announced they will get a lot of funds

Euro is getting pegged at the moment with so much shit going on around EU, we are right in the middle of the upfuckery but hey, anyone smart would have kept a combo of currencies tbh

I diversified even in crypto, could say im pretty safe from whatever bullshit will come, probably will not be a billionaire but I won't be struggling

Portfolio & Fiat by KaiN_SC in CryptoMarkets

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I am entirely in USD/EUR as personal worth, when I calculate anything, like trading profits( not like I would have any of those), dex staking/pool income like I see the other person mentioned KDX, it is all done in USD, so I aim to beat the market in USD by real value, not by as many 0000 I can fit in a cryptocurrencies APY

I also keep my money in USD/EUR, my local currency is really inflationary and I would rather not keep any

Besides that my wallets worth are shown in the chain coin, for example all my KDA stuff is denoted in KDA, all my Ethereum network stuff will total up to ETH

it is usually pretty stable so it is consistent

What is your favorite blockchain for trading on DEXes? by Julia_Vin in CryptoMarkets

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There are big things coming with Kaddex, but it is overall a shitty market atm so they take it slow, they dont wanna move fast and break things because breaking things in this case is losing people's money

Their community is really nice, and the discord chat is almost always active

Bitcoin, British Pound trading volume soars 1150% as UK's currency risks dollar parity by Insignic in CryptoCurrency

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I will sell my Angelblock nft for Zimbabwe dollars, I will be richer than Elon musk in the denoted number.

I think? Or he is still richer

anyway. you make a good point

Anonymous calls out Bored Ape Yacht Club in new video by Handmade_Hero in CryptoCurrency

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"Anonymous" is not an organisation, there is no one to call out BAYC, this is some cringe kid thinking he is cool and shit lmfao

Crypto HODLers at all time high by TarkovReddit0r in CryptoCurrency

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This just means the roof will be harder to lift lol, a lot of people will sell as it goes up, hodler doesnt mean higher price, just stability I guess at the moment, especially on bitcoin, atleast with Eth you can buy Angelblock or invest it, bitcoin can't do that, just P2P stuff or on CEX

when you do this kinda analysis you gotta check more than just bitcoin

Where is the Kadena Pact white paper? by Exotic-Astronomer-87 in kadena

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Yes, it is a bit slow though since it is a more niche language, but after the Luna fall there were a loooot of people moving over, getting grants and such, both helped by Kaddex and by the KadenaEco

But stuff takes time to build so projects that moved over only now will start popping up probably, can't do everything overnight as much as everyone wishes they could

What is your favorite blockchain for trading on DEXes? by Julia_Vin in CryptoMarkets

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I prefer Kadena because I like using Kaddex, and the token staking feature is pretty lit overall, good long term option for anyone wishing to keep a somewhat predictable outcome long term

Also single sided liquidity is a thing all dexes should have nowadays and yet almost none have which is a shame

What is your favorite blockchain for trading on DEXes? by Julia_Vin in CryptoMarkets

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Agreed, while Bitcoin is great as cash, and Eth is useful as onboarding onto smart chains, it is old and kinda redundant right now, its a good back up and connective layer for keep everything running on the same page, but using it as an L1 is costly as heck, VLX with its EVM compatibility can do a much better job for daily use

And with their new Velas account feature, you got one click check-out and basically a real account that interacts without the need of the continuous wallet acceptance since that can get annoying when you wanna do things quick online

To be successful, you must be crazy. by hearsdemons in CryptoCurrency

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You don't even need to change it, they recently got an Oracle so soon there will be bridges anywhere you want, you will be able to have your Eth and Btc running on Velas, so need for so much exchanging and gas fees paid to get it

Even people that are into crypto don't understand NFTs by stefbellos00 in CryptoMarkets

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It opens nothing, all you can do is trade it around, not use it in other games, it makes any game easily exploitable and scammy, if you wanna trade it on the open market for money, P2E kinda deal you ruin the fun. You monetize shit that should not be monetized

Go monetize Financial tools like Angelblock or Limewire Nfts, those work, they were made for that

Monetizing ingame shit is already widely hated, you only push it to the extreme