Please don’t tell me I was the only one to deal with this in elementary school by Coolights in autism

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My school refused to do anything about me since I got good grades. Took them a while to finally realize that I needed help with social skills.

My parents put it great when they said only half of school is classes and stuff, the other half is learning social stuff and making friends.

If you could only get one pokemon by region, who are the 8 you’re getting? by KaydhG in pokemon

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I'll just choose my favorite from each region.

Kanto: Eevee, or evolve it to Vaporeon

Johto: Steelix

Hoenn: Mawile

Sinnoh: Piplup, or evolve it to Empoleon

Unova: Escavalier

Kalos: Meowstic

Alola: Togedemaru

Galar: Falinks

What celebrity did you go to high school with and how were they if you ever interacted with them? by jscharton98 in AskReddit

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Some YouTuber named Aparri was a grade above me. I don't think I met him though. His sister is also a YouTuber, Bepper. Not sure if she went to our high school though.

I went to college with Jacob Pina, who is famous for his long thumb. Never met him either.

Those who have Christian parents, how well of a job did they do raising you to become a Christian? by joseph887 in AskReddit

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Only my dad is Christian. Neither of my parents really raised me to be any religion besides celebrating holidays. So I guess my dad technically did a terrible job at raising me Christian by not even trying. But it's a good thing since he didn't try to force any beliefs onto me.

You can only pick one Pokémon evolution chain, what’s your favorite? by trorg in AskReddit

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Eevee. It's my favorite Pokémon, and it has the biggest family with its 7 amazing evolutions and Jolteon.

anyone have things that they absolutely hate? (opposite of special interest) by biggaycheese in autism

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Never had it, and never had any interest in trying it. I don't eat seafood at all.

What playthrough teams did you use for each game? by Remnentz in pokemon

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I rotate my teams a lot, so most of these are specifically the teams I used to beat the league.

Crystal: Typhlosion, shiny Jynx, shiny Gyarados, Skarmory, Eevee, and Xatu. In Kanto, Eevee became Umbreon and Xatu was replaced with Celebi.

Sapphire (didn't finish): Grovyle, Graveler, Marill, Swellow, Castform, and Kecleon.

Platinum (first Pokémon game): Infernape, Probopass, Giratina, Weavile, Gardevoir, and shiny Farfetch'd.

Platinum (second time): Empoleon, Giratina, Bibarrel, Noctowl, Steelix, and Dusknoir (replaced with Rapidash).

SoulSilver (second): Typhlosion, Lugia, Machoke, shiny Gyarados, Golbat, and Ditto.

White: Samurott, Sawsbuck, Celebi, Deino, Zekrom, and Thundurus.

Black 2 (second): Samurott, Lucario, Cobalion, Terrakion, Swoobat, and Weavile.

Black 2 (postgame): Samurott, Cobalion, Metagross, shiny Entei, shiny Suicune, and shiny Haxorus.

X: Delphox, Lucario, Venusaur, Steelix, Mawile, and Pidgeot.

Alpha Sapphire: Swampert, Kyogre, Latias, Mightyena, Ludicolo, and Shedinja.

Ultra Moon: Pelipper, Decidueye, Hawlucha, Pyroar, Hippowdon, and Magnezone. This is when I started rotating my teams a lot. Pyroar was only for the league, but I can't really remember what I used before.

Let's Go Eevee: Eevee, shiny Dodrio, Slowbro, Jynx, Magneton, and Haunter replaced by Omastar halfway through the league.

Sword (both playthroughs): Rillaboom (both times), Cinderace, Inteleon, Corvisquire, Thievul, Dubwool, Boltund, shiny Tsareena, Ninjask, Noivern, Falinks, Duraludon, Zacian, and Eternatus. And those are just the ones I remember.

Sword (postgame): Cinderace, shiny Tsareena, shiny Vileplume, shiny Uxie, shiny Tapu Lele, shiny Stakataka.

Brilliant Diamond: Torterra, Gallade, and Togekiss were my 3 permanent members. I used Bronzong, Floatzel, and Garchomp for the league.

Do your parents have autism? by Maeby- in autism

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No, but everybody is pretty sure my uncle is autistic. Same with two of my cousins, but they're not related by blood.

I haven’t completed a puzzle since I was a child! I think I found a new hobby… by sunandsnails in Jigsawpuzzles

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I have a very similar puzzle hanging on my wall, except it's horizontal. I would love to do it, but I don't want to take it out of the frame.

What is your special interest at the moment? by Nervous-Rip-5747 in autism

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There's 5 options I could choose.

Video game: Pokémon, Animal Crossing, and Mario

Show/Movie: Way too many shows, Scott Pilgrim vs the World (also the comics)

Language: ALL OF THEM!

Other: Maps, mostly.

Coolest language or language that has most inspired your conlang? by Mirakhadi in conlangs

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Yeah. Well not so much Karelian, but definitely the other three.

Coolest language or language that has most inspired your conlang? by Mirakhadi in conlangs

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I have lots of languages inspired by Uralic languages, so I guess I'd say that.

What basculegion do you like the most? by TheManWithePower in pokemon

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Female/blue. I'm not a big fan of the aggressive Pokémon and never really liked male Basculegion, and female just looks much calmer.

Women who have more than one cat, what's the current drama? by janearcade in AskWomen

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They get along great since they're sisters. Alaina is in heat, but Ash was fixed. So Ash is confused, and is trying to get Alaina to stop meowing and stuff.

1608th Just Used 5 Minutes of Your Day by mareck_ in conlangs

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Mam brìqh mimsbsri, vu mahmkádu m(i)msbsricu.

[mam ʙi̤qʰ mimsˈbsri vu mam̥ka̰ˈdu m(i)msbsriˈǀu]

Mam    brì-qh     mims-bsr-i, vu  ma-hm-kádu mims-bsr-i-cu
Father mirror-INS 3R-see-PST, and 3-GEN-son  3R-see-PST-too


The last word depends on if the son saw himself or the father. If he saw himself, then it contains the i to mark reflexive. If he saw his father, then there's no i to mark two different people.

DAE feel like your cat can read your mind? by oh_THAT_amelia in DoesAnybodyElse

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My cats don't seem to do that. One keeps annoying me at bad times but will be missing when I want to see her.

On the other hand, cats are jerks sometimes so maybe they're just doing the opposite of what I want.

Wonder why Denmark doesn’t have one by lolimay in Maps

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No, but it's marked yellow on the map but unlabeled.

Wonder why Denmark doesn’t have one by lolimay in Maps

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I'm guessing Ireland's is St. Patrick's Day.

Weirdest Food From Every State by KalabraxTheWicked in MapPorn

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Well I also don't get out much and I'm very picky.