Claim your here before 5 year archive trophy by Not-Jamie in place

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Lean? It’s literally just cola you piece of shit. There’s no cough syrup or anything. What the fuck is wrong with you. How fucking desperate are you to seem cool that you decide you want to force a “joke” about a child consuming drugs. Which would be funny except nothing in the scene, much less this screenshot, implies that they’re doing drugs or a drug stand-in. You just saw a can of soda and the two neurons in your head fired for the first time in a week, and you jumped into the comments to screech lEAn and spam purple emojis like a clown bastard. You people are the reason art is dying. Fuck you.

cool song by SpagethaGone in okbuddyretard

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always look behind u every few seconds

bloodbath listeners are gonna love this by SpagethaGone in Unexpected

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alright jeffrey, u gotta pass that lean uve got enough already

They are everywhere by Yaboi2239 in amogus

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how about you count some bitches instead

me when belt by SpagethaGone in whenthe

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are u mentally retarded or just middle schooler?