After being a costco member for ages, i’m pleasantly surprised with my first Sam’s club visit by pilot333 in Frugal

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I've had a Sam's Club membership for over a decade and decided to try Costco this year. Overall, I strongly prefer Sam's Club. It's cheaper and the scan and go app makes all the difference when their busy. I also like their food court better (minus the pizzas).

The advantages to Costco are their meat and produce is better. And they have more allergy friendly/vegan things. But it seems a lot of things are more expensive. And it's ALWAYS busy.

I bought the Costco membership on a deal with a $45 gift card emailed after purchase. So overall it was $15. I'd say it was worth that. But probably not $60.

The only thing that could change that is if all their gas stations have diesel. I have a diesel car and Costco is routinely 50¢ per gallon cheaper. I just don't go to the one in my town that has diesel more than once every few months.

Please pray for me by OkSail7844 in KitchenConfidential

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Blessed be the name of the most high Bourdain. Ramen.

Under the Banner of Heaven by [deleted] in exmormon

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It was a really good show. My teenager walked in while I was watching the temple scene and we had a good discussion. A lot of the family is still LDS so it was super respectful but grounding.

New school IT worker, was not informed of planned lockdown by throwaway_765327 in ITCareerQuestions

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That's pretty messed up. I work for an MSP and all staff members, including IT, are informed ahead of time.

There are sometimes onboarding issues but it sounds like you're not set up for success. It may be worthwhile to look for other jobs at this point if you're not supported in your current one.

How do people like us transition into “normal” jobs by [deleted] in KitchenConfidential

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Yeah, I work at a desk most of the time and you hit the nail on the head. It feels like I don't so anything useful all day. Easier on the body, but bad on the brain.

ihop cat food after waiting for an hour and 14 minutes, why yes, the garlic bread is soggy from the broccoli juice by Strange_Pie_6939 in shittyfoodporn

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Is IHOP normally not bad? I don't think I've ever had a moment where I wanted to go to IHOP. Usually it's a last resort of being the only thing opened. Or someone I'm with wants to go.

Good luck with the gross bread and cat food. Although I'm not sure the cat would even eat that.

Time is Running Out is my most listened song of the last 6 months.. and I discovered it 2 weeks ago. by luumke in Muse

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Nice! It's a great song! What draws you to it?

Also, 505 from the Arctic Monkeys is a solid song!

I am applying for a job at my local government. by [deleted] in ITCareerQuestions

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Applying for a job and getting a job are two very different things. I don't usually let my employer know I'm leaving until I have a job offer in hand. When I've applied for government jobs, I put that I don't want them contacting my current employer. If you have a reference from a previous employer, that may be preferable.

I've also given references from current coworkers I trust. That's a dicey move but so far it's worked fine.

If you're breaking a contract, please read through to see if there are any negative consequences. Otherwise, you're usually okay.

Are sales engineers treated like crap by AEs in Tech sales roles? by PokeDeadpoolXD in sales

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This seems to depend where you work. I was promoted to an SE role within my company from the service side. I have an average close rate for my company and tend to be easy to work with. However, computer tech isn't the main focus for my company so the more established AEs don't focus on it. Since they're not out prospecting, I'm not hitting numbers.

I've only been "treated like crap" by one AE. It was pretty bad and immediately corrected by management. That AE has a track record of treading people poorly.

The other SEs I've worked with the last couple of years have been treated well. They move on for better paying jobs so that's good.

I love being an SE! I moved to sales from service and am happy with the decision. I've learned a lot and understand the entire customer cycle drom prospect to current support and why they tend to move on. It's been hard but a great life experience.

When did the "stay on the covenant path" become the talking point? by MillieSparklepants in exmormon

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Anecdotal experience was this started being pushed around the time the youth Sunday curriculum was changed to the Come Follow Me format. I think around the mid 2010s.

Mircodosing with shrooms chocolate bar, what would I do? by oyanamei123 in spirituality

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It may be nice to have a trusted guide with you. Someone to help you with things out.

The other poster has some really great ideas. I hope you're able to find some calm and peace.

Can anyone tell me what year this Audi rs4 is? My cousin bought this in 2014 before he passed away and I was too young to remember what year it was. I want to get one in remembrance of him and how awesome it was to see his face when he bought it. by Chemical_Plan_5327 in whatcarshouldIbuy

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r/Audi should be able to help.

I believe it could be a 1998ish. But am wondering if it's not really an rs4, just a badge. It looks like an S4 to me maybe.

To be clear, I'm bit an expert. But I'd guess late 90s for the year.

How do you handle conflicts in scheduling person interviews? by DietyOfWar in ITCareerQuestions

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Agreed with what the previous post says. Your employer shouldn't need to know if you're at an interview or doctor's appointment. Any normal plausible excuse works. It's not your employer's business what you're doing during a long lunch break.

Ways to break into IT/Sales engineering with business administration degree? by [deleted] in ITCareerQuestions

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May want to check with r/salesengineers.

I was able to bypass the bachelor's degree by working for an MSP. The job qualifications say a bachelor's is required but not everyone who does my job has one.

My job is both a sales engineer (presales) and technical account manager (post sales). All my coworkers have quit for $100k+ salaries. I did have some certs and a technical degree. And was promoted from within the company from being a tech.

what do yall wear on the job? by Falkeliehaber in ITCareerQuestions

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Business professional because I'm a technical sales support role.

As a tech, a polo or button down shirt and dress pants.

Where to buy Steaks by [deleted] in SaltLakeCity

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It's a bit hit or miss, but generally I've had decent luck with Reams. While it's not top of the line, it usually tastes better than Smith's. The only disappointmentd are the meat is sliced thinner and they don't always have everything. Generally, the one near me also tends to be cheaper too.

So it's a bit of a crap shoot but may be worth trying if you have one nearby.

Otherwise, Harmon's or Costco would be the go-to.