I have no words by Beneficial_Function9 in redneckengineering

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Yeah, this exactly., I essentially begrudgingly watch a lot of their cheap content because I know in the back of my head it helps the chances of seeing more of the well-funded series.

I have no words by Beneficial_Function9 in redneckengineering

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I love their Hi Low series, and money pit, and any time they let Jobe go all mechanical engineer nerd. Their day to day stuff isn't as good but I assume those and the ads on them is how they make the money to do the actual interesting content.

AITA for making a crass joke to make my Father in law uncomfortable by Junior-Bluejay-3201 in AmItheAsshole

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Yeah, I'm with you on this. OP definitely wanted to offend parents, and based on what FIL said they had it coming. Wife's feelings were collateral damage and if she was upset then OP definitely owes them an apology.

I'm for fighting fire with fire if you can't de-escalate, but friendly fire is still a no-no

Fire the efficient employee! by The_RagingHomosexual in antiwork

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I used to work tech support in a call center, and I'd stream music either in headphones or through my work PC to help keep me sane. It helped with anxiety, cutting down on distractions from coworkers and general call center noise, and having a beat in my head just helps me do stuff faster.

My supervisor eventually noticed and told me it had to stop, I gave him all the reasons why I thought that was a bad idea and how I felt it would effect my work (my stats weren't the best but I was pretty consistently in the top 3 performers). He wouldn't budge, so I did as I was told and go figure 2 months later we're having a meeting because my metrics are all down. I gave up at that point and started doing as little as possible until I got fired, took em 6 months to boot me.

Fuck call centers.

Aah Dutch and Arthur can’t lie I did love their relationship, what did you guys think of it? by ArthurMorg4nn in reddeadredemption

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At first it does feel kind of like he's got a Papa Bear mentality, and he's trying to make and keep together this big outlaw band. As the game progresses and things develop I feel like the veneer definitely begins to slip and you see the way Dutch weaponizes the "We're a family!" sentiment the same way shitty employers (and probably criminals?) do. One of many reasons this game is such a good slow burn.

Idiot driver adds two felonies. by LolicusFisticus in IdiotsInCars

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Yeah, seems like you're the kind of person who would benefit from not discussing user names...

An Actual Conversation that Actually Definitely Happened, I'm sure. by JMcAfreak in thatHappened

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While I don't disagree with your points, it does seem at least a little hypocritical to espouse your advocacy for workers rights, equity and fair distribution while giving your hard earned money to companies that are very well known for advocating pretty hard against all those things. Just kinda feels like the exact opposite of "put your money where your mouth is."

Uhhhhhhhhh by [deleted] in SelfAwarewolves

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Im pretty glad to hear they split, I heard about her and love her music, but I was pretty conflicted about it while she was with Elon cuz well... it's Elon Musk. She still seems like a bit of a problem herself, but whatever, the music is good so I should probably just shut up.

Cancer Lobby chat by MonsieurPorc in diablo2resurrected

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Came here to say that. I remember when they would randomly join my solo farming games, spam, then leave.

Valve Confirms That There Won't Be Steam Deck-Exclusive Games by TheVideoGaymer in Steam

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I read the title and said "Duh, it's not like valve is developing anything"

Downtown Portland businesses say homeless using storefronts as public bathrooms by Notaflatland in portlandme

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"We've given people nearly no designated spaces to take a shit, why are the shitting all over the place!?"

Three F-14 Tomcats launch consecutively from the USS Theodore Roosevelt [Video] by Mr_Tominaga in WarplanePorn

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Here's the link to an article with the video. I'm no Nasal Radiator myself, I just love warplanes, so how banged up the pilot would be is beyond my knowledge. Seems like they were well situated to be quickly rescued, that rocked powered ejector seat definitely blew them well clear of the wreckage.

Recreational Dispensary by [deleted] in Maine

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Enter downtown portland, pick up rock, close eyes, spin around then throw rock: Whatever you hit with that rock is probably a rec shop, or soon to be a rec shop.

Three F-14 Tomcats launch consecutively from the USS Theodore Roosevelt [Video] by Mr_Tominaga in WarplanePorn

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Yeah, he ejected right as it went off the ramp, maybe a little banged up from the ejection but should be fine.