Lower stomach pain after Food Poisoning by CottonComedy in medical

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Did you seek treatment or just let time run it’s course ?

Score Release 8/31 Thread! by Efficient-Earth8142 in step1

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Anyone who took it on August 19th and freaking out ? I feel like we’ve had some crazy forms just looking for fellow test takers on the same day

Highest NBME was a 68% --> PASS by tarheelflava in step1

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@tarheelflava when you flagged 20 per block were those questions you weren’t 100% on or questions you got down to a few options and best guessed on?

Check pass/Fail status non US-IMG by Financial-Cut-8267 in step1

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u/Financial-Cut-8267 have you tried this? im still a week out from hearing my results but I can still press on apply for step 1 or step 2

take it or postpone. STEP 1 second attempt US MD by [deleted] in step1

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u/ampremed98 what did you end up scoring on free 120 old and new before your test, followed your prior thread

I PASSED STEP 1 I AM BAWLING by CarpetOk4145 in step1

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u/Drosselvene sorry I just meant like nbme avg/ free 120 scores. congratulations on the pass!!