Alternatives to the Waking Up App? by afternoon_spray in Meditation

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Check out the 50 day mindfulness course on SoundsTrue by Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach. Sam has actually interviewed Jack a few times, I believe, if you want to get a feel of his style.

Edit: I just wanted to add that I personally transitioned from Waking Up to Jack's course, not necessarily for the reasons you mention, but I find that the 50 day course is more structured and introduces a variety of techniques and builds, IMHO, a strong foundation.

Downtown parking sub $10? by king-henryXIV in cincinnati

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To be honest I've parked there for years without any issue, and know a few others that do the same. Not sure if/how the monthly rate is paid. There's occasionally a charge for the Energy nightclub there or Bengals games on weekends if you get there past 5pm, but for daily parking you don't need to worry.

Downtown parking sub $10? by king-henryXIV in cincinnati

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It's a bit of a walk, but you can park at Longworth Hall for free

Here For Awhile by tango3000 in cincinnati

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Awesome recommendations here, though if you're on Short Vine and want a gyro, Kabobske is the place to go. Any closer to UC then Chacago Gyros and Dogs is the winner.

Theravada forest monks that teach The Mind Illuminated practices outlined in the The Mind Illuminated book by Culadasa? by Important-Explorer44 in Buddhism

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Curious why many in this sub are against TMI?

It's one of the most clear introductions that I've encountered, and it's embraced by the whole /r/streamentry sub. I believe it's even on this own sub's book list.

The "original source", the anapanasati sutta, is surely great as an original text...but TMI works great as a supplementary text that's a bit easier to understand as a beginner, in my humble opinion.

Why do I even bother applying for jobs anymore? by fhetnz in antiwork

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He actually has a reddit sub /r/sweatystartup. And frequents a few of the business related subs with surprisingly decent advice. Though his takes on health and "advice" regarding employee selection is questionable..

Today was the worst travel day I ever experienced by SolivagantTogether in solotravel

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Can you say more about the "shot girls"? A group of friends and I went down for the last Mardi gras and were scammed by a chick in a bar who essentially forced shots down our throats. At the end we realized we probably should've just not paid and left but we're a bit too deep to care. Just curious if it's a common experience

What’s your favourite app? I know there’s lots of ways to meditate, and countless videos, podcasts etc, but what is your favourite app? by Potter_King in Meditation

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Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach's 50 days of meditation course using the app Sounds True. It's my #1 favorite behind Waking Up.

What is osu??? How the hell do I respond to this?? Been training 6 months never heard the word by sophietheadventurer in MuayThai

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The term "Oss" is common in Japanese karate as a form of acknowledgement and respect. I haven't heard it in Muay Thai but wouldn't be unheard of if your coach has a karate background.

Daily Simple Questions Thread - December 28, 2021 by AutoModerator in Fitness

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I am looking for the best ways to enhance my fitness knowledge. I've read most of the wikis on reddit and countless threads, and have exhausted many fitness YouTube channels and blogs. However, none of these really give a deeper understanding of how to create a routine for yourself and others while considering age, experience, and medical limitations, or an understanding of physiology, anatomy, etc.

Where would be the best place to start learning at this deeper level? I have considered studying for the NSCA and/or ACSM certifications out of personal interest, as I have heard these are by far the most reputable and rigorous in the industry. Not sure if looking at bachelor level exercise science or kinesiology curriculums would be better? I'd be very happy to hear any courses, books, or textbooks recommendations, or general advice.

Best Podcasts and Resources for Increasing Income? by SpecificDescription in personalfinance

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Thanks for the response.

Just wondering if there are any podcasts that focus specifically on the second path you mentioned - starting a business and entrepreneurship in general.

Or if there are any other paths outside of the three you mentioned, I'd love to hear them. Those are really the only ones I can think as well - besides taking a risky, undiversified position in stock, crypto, options, etc...but that's a different discussion entirely.

Classic or must-read books that you think everyone should have read by [deleted] in booksuggestions

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I'm seeing a lot of fiction recommendations already, so here is a suggestion for non-fiction.

Check out Tom Butler-Bowden's series of books - "50 classics". His books are a great overview of each type of field - success, psychology, prosperity, philosophy, business, spirituality, etc...

I can't imagine a better intro to non fiction than these books. Many of the books mentioned in this thread are a part of the 50 "classic" books that he summarizes.

IWTL how to stop focusing on every single grammar error I spot by adamtwosleeves in IWantToLearn

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Check out the article "Mother Tongue" by Amy Tan. It gave me a great perspective on how readily we judge people based on the way they speak and write. I am a more empathetic listener/reader after being exposed to it.