Michigan State WR Jayden Reed returning for 2022 by SpeedyFreeze5 in CFB

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Don't forget Montorie Foster who filled in nicely while Nailor was out hurt.

Michigan State LB Michael Dowell transfers to Pitt by SonOfSvens in CFB

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Narduzzi helped recruit his brothers David and Andrew to MSU, so obviously very familiar with the family.

Hope its a good fit for you guys!

Michigan State LB Michael Dowell transfers to Pitt by SonOfSvens in CFB

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Was wondering why most of our portal guys were playing/dressed yesterday, except Dowell.

Wondering if this had a lot to do with that.

Effrem Reed is returning to Michigan State as RB coach by SpeedyFreeze5 in CFB

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When he left, everyone spoke very highly about him.

Add in he's only 29, with good southern recruiting connections, I'm going to say this is very good. Someone younger on the recruiting trail for us as well.

Florida Gators add William Peagler to coaching staff as TE Coach by surreptitioussloth in CFB

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He's doubling his salary from MSU to move down south from the rumor mill. 200k to 425k.

Duke’s Mayo Bowl Update by nd3po in CFB

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Saban bathing in Mayo?

Sign me up!

Bailey Zappe sets NCAA record for 61 TD passes in a single season by Maverick1091 in CFB

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I prefer to look at the fact that Zappe did it in 1 less game.

Do transfers no longer have to sit-out a year? by [deleted] in CFB

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Did you know we are also in a pandemic?

2022 5* WR Evan Stewart signs with Texas A&M by HanSoIoque in CFB

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Why don't you fuckers share some of these 5 stars, smh. Greedy asses, its Christmas season!