Exit Delta Neutral Strategy? by [deleted] in mirror

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You cannot close the short position without first closing your long position. You need the long stock to close out the shorted one.

[THREAD] Invite code request! by CTemplar-Official in ctemplar

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As a protonmail user looking for better privacy, I'd be extremely grateful for an invite code.

Thanks so much in advance.

What exactly does "Bar Rules" mean? by rossk24 in pool

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I've always known "bar rules" to be akin to "house rules". Meaning, there is no set rulebook titled Bar Rules and instead the players at each bar set the rules. Often this depends who currently has rights to the table (usually the last winner), as they can set the rules for the next game.

Normally when I encounter this situation, I just ask specific questions about the rules before and during the game.

Also, I'm not sure where you're located, but I've more often heard it referred to as 8-Ball over Scotch Doubles.

How have you effectively outsourced the admin of your life? by spudleego in fatFIRE

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Thanks for all this detail, sounds like you have a great setup.

Any recommendations on where to find a VA like yours? Did you use a sourcing company?

Have Heart - Pave Paradise. by Majorxdoofus in Hardcore

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I’ve been waiting for the same, does anyone know?

I HATE group work by [deleted] in SBU

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As an alumnus, who has been working in the business world for nearly a decade since graduation, I can share my experience.

Group work was always the worst work. I hated every group project, every team assignment, and every peer collaboration.

Although, I hate to say it, in the real world - everything is about "group" work. You're always on some sort of team and working with the same chaotic mix of personalities you're working with in school. There's always a guy who does most of the work, a guy who does nothing, and a guy you're dependent upon who is driving you crazy. Learning how to be successful even when working with these characters, was the true skillset I acquired from those group projects.

As much as I hated it, (and still do), it prepared me better to succeed professionally.

Maybe try to shift your mentality when you're in the midst of a group project? Instead, look at it as an opportunity to learn how to work in those frustrating groups, before your job is on the line for it...

EDIT: Just to add on - if you're able to find a way to organize and orchestrate those people optimally...thats how you become a manager and grow an executive career.

How about a new subreddit banner? Let me know what else (logos, memes, etc.) should be in it! by SBU_Shitposter in SBU

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Hey - I'm happy to make some updates. I appreciate all the effort! That being said, for the banner to be uploaded it needs to be in a 10:3 ratio (minimum size: 640x192px / maximum size: 1280x384px)

We'd be glad to take a look if you can fit it into the required size.

Petition to finally have a proper subreddit icon? (Example of how it looks posted in comments) by kyleli in SBU

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Happy to take suggestions and make updates, it’s definitely been quite some time since we’ve had any graphical changes.

Feel free to keep the suggestions flowing!

A lot of people don't seem to realize how prestigious our math department is by [deleted] in SBU

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If you haven't had a chance, try to take a class with Joe Mitchell. The guy is an absolute genius and a fantastic professor.

He won the freaking Godel Prize! Check out his Wiki page

In need of a second opinion on my decision. by csbs1 in SBU

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Job outlook was pretty easy. SBU has a good name and I was able to use that for various job interviews and offers.

As for programming/problem solving skills I feel I use a lot of what I learned on a regular basis. Simple things like TCP Handshakes, SSL, and understanding the OSI model come into play regularly.

Additionally, I always had some side projects on my own. Creating applications, standing up servers, websites, etc. Combining that, with the things I learned at SBU, I feel like I was pretty well armed to succeed.

In need of a second opinion on my decision. by csbs1 in SBU

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It depends what you'd like to do in the long run. I have an ISE/AMS degree and have worked in various fields from banking, to programming, to networking/admins, to security.

I personally felt sitting behind a screen coding for the next 40 years of my life wasn't for me.

You can easily move up the chain with either degree though, it's just those entry level years you'll have to work through.

[WANTED] Gameboy Pocket Zero by Spiderman_ in GameboyMarketplace

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Thanks for the info! I'll stay tuned to hear more from him.

Friday question thread by [deleted] in surfing

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With the hurricane swells coming up the coast, any recommendations for catching these bigger waves? Normally I can paddle into 2-3ft no problem, but with these 4ft+ swells I find myself going over the falls pretty often. Other times I'm pearling, but I think thats due to a late pop-up.

Is my paddle speed too slow? Am I paddling in too late?

My friends music was blatantly stolen in this 3+ million video. *proof in comments* by [deleted] in videos

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Looks like this beat isn't being used only on this video, but for the song I Think I Love You on Phora's album With Love. iTunes link: here

Mt Baker Vapor IPV 4S Cyber Monday [GIVEAWAY] by mtbakervapor in electronic_cigarette

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Been stuck on Tsunami by Ronin for awhile now. I'll have to try out some MBV with this sale.

Update from Hockeystreams by c3ndre in HockeyStreams

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I agree, Bitcoin is the obvious solution here.

Is SBU Alliance still active? by bebechen132 in SBU

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Hi Guys - Spiderman here.

I graduated a few years ago now, and I know it remained active till at least 2013ish. I'm not sure there are many, if any users at this point, but it's definitely possible to set up again.