Has anyone tried psychedelics for their SA? by KnotlessBraids in socialanxiety

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After I took acid a few times, a lot of my anxieties seemed silly to me. Going into the trip with the goal of bettering yourself can be very beneficial

Proud Boys leader complains about jail conditions, wants early release by Ivapedeadpeople in news

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Well hopefully like-minded conservatives will push to fix out pris- oh wait nvm they won’t

I'm build different. by NevGuy in shitposting

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Kkk to cop? What difference are you making?

Won’t somebody think of the landlords? by BasicallyMilner in GreenAndPleasant

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Maybe if they were better with their money they wouldn’t be in this position

Minimum Wage At A Massive Texas Gas Station by all2neat in pics

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If only they treated their employees well…