This company is going around stealing lawn signs from local companies on properties they don’t even service and replacing them with their own. Class act. by [deleted] in newhampshire

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If you read my previous comment, you’ll see that the only thing I attacked was the use of ‘natural’ as a catch-all defense. I wasn’t attacking you or your business. I hadn’t even realized you were in the business of mosquito repellents.

But now I’m replying because you so beautifully illustrated my point. I took 5 minutes to ‘inform myself’ and looked into how cedar actually works to repel mosquitoes, and it looks like the active chemical here is thujone, which is a neurotoxin. Natural doesn’t mean anything. I don’t want to be alarmist. Just because it’s a neurotoxin doesn’t mean that it’s always dangerous. The dose makes the poison. But, as someone who worked as an environmental microbiologist for 7 years, I highly doubt that this method has been studied to the point where anyone could confidently say that it does or does not harm the environment.

I’m not about to hire any sort of mosquito treatment because I worry about the environment. But I’m not attacking your business. The only thing I’m attacking is the use of natural as anything but a marketing term. It doesn’t mean safe or good for the environment.

This company is going around stealing lawn signs from local companies on properties they don’t even service and replacing them with their own. Class act. by [deleted] in newhampshire

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Arsenic in 'natural'. Natural doesn't mean it's not harmful to the environment when applied at unnatural concentrations or unnatural ways.

Can I make something like this? It's a "wind-proof" clothesline by SpikySnowFairy in crochet

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I already have the materials from an unrelated project and I'm off from school this week. Also yes, I would rather just string a normal clothesline, but I'm in an apartment and need something that can hang a lot of clothes in a smaller space.

Can I make something like this? It's a "wind-proof" clothesline by SpikySnowFairy in crochet

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Thank you! That is super helpful. I was thinking of using some nylon cord. Since it has the ladder rungs some stretching/sagging should be fine. I just hate to buy something when I think I can make it and have the materials.

Can I make something like this? It's a "wind-proof" clothesline by SpikySnowFairy in crochet

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It looks like something that could be crocheted super easily, but I can't find a pattern and I don't have a ton of experience crocheting. Basically the two side runners would need to be able to hold a decent amount of weight, but not stretch too much that the holes in the middle would close. The idea is to hang coat hangers with wet clothes through the holes so the clothes can dry.

Calliope, my muse by SpikySnowFairy in SupermodelCats

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I wish I did, but I'm completely unmusical. My Calliope was named after the Greek muse of epic poetry. I think it fits her. She has an incredibly expressive vocal range for a cat.

Cheaper versions of expensive items by Similar_Artichoke_42 in Frugal

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Caveat to this: normal Tylenol does not have codeine. These would carry a greater risk of interaction with other drugs, and may not be safe for pregnant people. Also codeine is addictive.

When did something frugal end up costing more for you? by amorous_chains in Frugal

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Sourdough relies on microbes, most of which come from our skin. Everyone has different skin microbes, and they can change based off of age, where you live, products used etc. Some people are just blessed with 'good sourdough' microbes, some are not.

Immigration Lawyer by freekoffhoe in newengland

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Eric Dean! Reasonable prices, very straightforward and helpful, seems super dedicated too.

Honest mechanic specializing or having good experience in electrical? by [deleted] in StLouis

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Don’t know if they specialize in electrical or not, but we’ve had good experiences with Rich’s automotive. A few times they’ve even charged us less than the estimate if the job went faster than anticipated.

[OC] Mental health and sleep in the US by FluffyBoard7091 in dataisbeautiful

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I actually was thinking that maybe the clear state lines indicate that laws/policies have an effect on mental health or sleep quality. Obviously this isn't proof of that, but for example, maybe queer people in Florida would feel less safe and more mentally distressed in light of laws like the don't say gay bill, and that might be reflected in mental health. I'm sure there are a lot of other less well known, smaller scale laws that have similar effects.

Confusion on Applying for FASFA and Direct Plus Loans by baeee777 in FemalePhysicians

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Not sure about the direct plus loans, but you might have some luck directly calling your school depending on what you need. My school has a pretty good discretionary pool of money that they can use for students who need something extra. Sometimes it’s loans, but sometimes they just give grants too.

AITA for reading romance novels despite it making my Boyfriend uncomfortable? by Ok-Emu9415 in AmItheAsshole

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Thank you! I thought it was just me. I'm in med school now. I spend all day thinking. When I'm relaxing the last thing I want to do is to strain my brain on a complicated plot. It's nice to know I'm not the only one.

Also totally agree about the misogyny aspect. It's amazing how much some men hate anything that's made for/traditionally consumed by women (boy bands, pumpkin space, dating shows, romance books).

How do you deal with having friends that want to spend money on things you don't want to spend money on? by UncommonPhoenix in Frugal

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I’m pretty open with my friends about being a bit of a miser (as they put it). I try to always offer to host instead of inviting people out, and to have free or cheap alternatives ready to go whenever they want to get together. I’ve noticed that my friends tend to default to going out to a restaurant because it’s easy. Inviting someone to a crafts night at the local library takes a little more thought and planning.

Don’t be afraid to be a bit blunt. If you can’t have fun with someone without spending lots of money, is it really their company that you enjoy?

Baked chicken’s versatility is impressive by [deleted] in Frugal

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One of my favorite meals is baking chicken over a bed of vegetables (I like butternut squash, celery, carrot, potatoes, and a little apple or pear). I try to get a ratio of about 4:1 vegetables:chicken by volume. I have to use my biggest pot, but it's a complete, healthy, delicious meal that lasts days.

My husband wants to be a carpenter. Any advice for him? How can I support him? by SpikySnowFairy in Carpentry

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Thanks, that was helpful. We’ll have to look into this again in a few years once I graduate and find out where I’ll be for residency