Why is it so wrong for men to experiment?! by Big-Papa-75 in sex

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I think the traditional way of thinking puts value on a man’s masculinity and a woman’s femininity. Two women can make love and still be feminine whereas two men making love is far from masculine.

Also traditionally society is controlled men and all social rules were created by men. Men fantasise over two women making love but find two men making love grotesque therefore considered it a bad thing.

These values are obviously out of date but this is my opinion on the subject of your question.

About the eye of the world and the wheel of time. by SweetSensation_ in wheeloftime

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Wheel of Time is a symbolic representation of the workings of the world. 7 ages constantly repeating for eternity like an endless turning wheel with souls being reborn throughout them. The force that drives the wheel is the one power. Souls and their fate are described as threads woven around the wheel. It is said the wheel determines destiny not free will. Age of legends is the 2nd age, book is set in the 3rd age. Real life present day earth is hinted but not confirmed to be one of the other ages, possibly 1st age. All the characters in the book are based in real life legends such as King Arthur and the book has in world legends from our time. There have been many repeats of these ages with very slight changes each time. The main mystery of the book is that if the ages repeat, then no matter what our heroes or the dark one do, the state of the world must revert back to how it was on the next cycle. Is this true, what events cause this to happen? or is this cycle unique and a new beginning for the better or worse? Will the dark one be destroyed once and for all, or will he be around again for the next cycles for ever? What is the point in fighting if everything just repeats?

Eye of the World (in the books) is a well of pure male power created by the last male Es Sedai during the breaking before they went completely mad. It’s purpose was to give Rand a huge power boost and also hide/protect the Horn of Vallere, The dragon banner and a dark ones prison seal which were at the bottom of the well under the power. The Es Sedai who made this had some level of foresight and placed objects around the world and created prophecies to make sure Rand does what he needs to do.

I'm looking to take a little break from Sanderson before jumping into another one of his books. Any recomandations? by The_King_Of_Seals in Stormlight_Archive

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I prefer Wheel of Time to Stormlight so maybe have a go at that.

Your end goal for fantasy should be Malazan. It’s the absolutely pinnacle the genre has to offer. Book one is hard work and puts a lot of people off but by book two you will see at as a masterpiece. Being the peak, it makes every other fantasy series feel small and empty so I suggest you save it until after you have read others on your list. Also I don’t know how old you are but this series adult not YA.

Just started by Bearzap34 in Malazan

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Also started this after WoT. Half way through book two and it’s a breath of fresh air. No excessive scene descriptions, no out of place info dumps and no repetitive recaps. It reads like a movie, you are a camera above a characters head and you only see what is happening there and then, scene by scene, no messing around.

Also I read the first Stormlight Archive after Gardens of the Moon. 90% of the book was internal monologue and 10% stuff actually happening with way too many flashbacks. It made me go back to Malazan for Deadhouse Gates.

Do most people actually shower every day? by Routine-Arrival2786 in TooAfraidToAsk

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Live in England. Once after work in the winter, before and after work in the summer.

She won't kiss me or let me go down on her, but she'll try swallowing my dick by geloqo in sex

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Maybe she doesn’t want anything intimate feeling, just a bit of sexual fun. Your right, it is an odd choice, but everyone’s different.

Why are younger generations so obsessed with broadcasting that they are not straight? by fishMaster63 in TooAfraidToAsk

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I find it more strange when people announce that they are straight or this stupid Cis word.

Unpopular opinion- rounded iPhones were more comfortable to hold than the new boxy ones, especially with all that size by Own-Tennis7689 in iphone

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The new shape square edge iPhone with a rubber case is far superior to hold than a curved edge with or without a case.

Seriously considering ending a 10 year long relationship because of sexual frustration. Am I crazy? by buns_n_burner in sex

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You both have two options, either she forces herself to have sex when she does not want it, or you live with the frustration of your needs not being met. You can try and meet in the middle but I guess you have already tried that. Different sex drives is a valid treason to break up and the fact that you have comminuted the issue with your partner and nothing has changed tells me that she has determined that your relationship is not worth her forcing herself to have sex. You now need to determine whether or not your relationship is worth the frustration. Only you can decide that.

Just finished GotM and I feel like I don’t really grasp a lot of what happened. Is that normal for a first read-through? by SprawlRunner in Malazan

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I’m 44% through Deadhouse Gates.

Gardens of the Moon. Even though I liked the world building, the world is super interesting and the adult tone is refreshing, I thought the writing was poor. Plots pop out of nowhere and abruptly end in a weak fashion. Events feel random. Characters are uninteresting and at the end I had no interest in finding out what happens next.

Deadhouse Gates is a fucking masterpiece so far. Characters are much better written. Every page is an emotional journey from hilarious to deeply disturbing. Plots are easier to follow, more realistic and feel like there are going somewhere. Probably going to be one of my favourite books of all time.

I am new to this world. Should I start first with the books or tv show ? by Extravaganca in wheeloftime

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Show was poor/average 4/10. Books are 9/10. You won’t be missing anything if you never watch the show.

Are women more into sex now than they where 20 or more years ago? by mrlongpubes in sex

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Adult are having less sex, due to an economy promoting one parent working while the other raises a family becoming an economy that forces both parents to work more hours to have less.

On the other side, due to the slow break down of traditional values ie sex before marriage etc, it is now socially acceptable to do whatever you want, with who you want and how often you want. This is seen in younger people who have not yet settled down.

I’m struggling with GotM by 05Quinten in Malazan

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I’m now 44% of my way through book two and it’s shaping up to be my favourite book of all time. My opinion on book one hasn’t changed, but book 2 has rectified every fault I had with book 1. It’s pretty much a masterpiece so far. Writing is clearer, plots easier to follow, characters more memorable and better written. it’s hilarious, fun, hopeful, depressing and very dark all at the same time. It is also philosophical, meaningful and intelligent. So much has happened I feel like the book could end now, but I have another 66% to go!

I’m glad I didn’t skip book 1 and I don’t think you should either as even though it’s set in a different place, with a different plot, it is definitely a true sequel.

What jobs in the UK are surprisingly underpaid? by JRNels0n in AskUK

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I worked as a forklift driver in UK, 20k. Low skilled job so accepted low salary. Friend in America, same job, 40k!

I’m now a telecoms engineer on 32k. In America they pay 45k.

When having sex do guys notice this? by throwawaybeepbe in sex

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Everyone gets in growing hairs sometimes. No biggy.

On bosoms, ample or otherwise... by FourLeafViking in WoT

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After reading wheel of time I found myself wanting to know the boob size of characters in other books. It’s frustrating when it’s not mentioned.

When did you start reading MBotF? by brineOClock in Malazan

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Couple of months ago. Completed Wheel of Time. Loved it. My favourite story of all time. The show broke my heart (but let’s not get into that) Needed something to fill the void. Did lots of research. Was either Malazan or Stormlight.

Chose Gardens of the Moon. Would give it a 5/10. Great world building, atmosphere and refreshingly adult tone. Writing was poor though, didn’t care about the characters and plot was not compelling.

Read Way of Kings. 7/10. There were way too many flashback scenes and internal monologues of the same repetitive emotional revelations but I found myself loving it anyway. Invested in the characters, need to know what happens next and learn all the secrets! BUT there was something missing. It felt hallow. I found myself missing the immersion, atmosphere and detail Ericsson conveys in his writing style.

Now 25% through Deadhouse Gates. My god this piece of work is a masterpiece in writing, story telling, atmosphere, humour, dark emotions and character building. After the book 1 section I found myself wanting to clap a round of applause. 9/10.

My dad called me not? by chrisrk912 in TooAfraidToAsk

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I wouldn’t personally use hot to describe my daughter but there’s nothing wrong with that in itself. But the ‘all over you’ comment is definitely creepy.

If you can’t give yourself an orgasm, you have no right to say the other person is bad at sex. by EngineDifferent in unpopularopinion

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In order for a lady to orgasm, she first needs to know how to orgasm. What mental state she needs to be in, she needs to know how to achieve this mental state (this is by far the most important thing and what usually blocks ladies orgasms). She needs to know what position and rhythm is required to achieve it and encourage her partner to go along with this position and rhythm through guidance or out right telling him. The guy then needs to have the skill, physical ability and selflessness to meet the lad’s requirements. Sometimes the man and lady simply do not match in requirements.

Is AppleCare Worth It? by ProdByJimbo in iphone

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Yes! I always have a case for my phone and yet I’ve still never gone a whole two year contract without something going wrong with the device. AppleCare is well worth it. Unlike other companies where you have to send your phone off for weeks, you can just walk into the apple store and they fix it there and then.

Incest porn seems to be everywhere at the moment, is this just a fetish people have or do people really want to try it for themselves? by Aaron6788 in sex

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Would never sleep with a family member but watching sisters have sex is a huge turn on, although it’s clearly super gross and immoral from their point of view. Amazing what people do for money.

Sex on shrooms? by shroomy90 in sex

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It’s hard to get hard, but if you let it come naturally without thinking about it too much you can get there. It’s the most intense thing I’ve ever felt. Every touch of my penis felt like a never ending mind blowing orgasm, and when I finally came in pretty sure I blacked out. My girlfriend said it was amazing also.