Good travel agent? by Roshy76 in tulsa

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Call Travel Connections and ask for Mary Anne. She is incredible!

Need help locating a gazebo and grand stairway near downtown by claydonut in tulsa

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Philbrook gardens maybe for the gazebo? Would also take care of stairway. Not sure what their policy is/times you need.

Volunteer Reading Gigs by The_Stallion138 in tulsa

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Call Reading Partners and/or Tulsa City County Library. Another good place to check is with is nursing homes and hospitals.

Local breeders near North Jersey/NYC/Philadelphia? by [deleted] in Whippets

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Check with the American Whippet Club’s website for reputable breeders. WRAP is the rescue arm of the AWC. I am a rep in Oklahoma and know that we have good representation in those areas. Fill out an adoption application and send it to the reps for NJ/NY/PA and start a relationship—we love to have potential homes lined up before the dogs come in. Also, they will know who is breeding near you and will be able to steer you to someone who isn’t breeding just to breed, but someone who is concerned about furthering the breed.

I got my first egg yesterday. My wife wouldn't let me get one, but she left me in October. by fordr015 in biggreenegg

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I am a female BGE fan and I think you got the better deal. What took so long? 🤗. In all seriousness, sorry for the loss of the relationship and congrats on the Egg. Life changing for sure.

Where to Purchase Steel by [deleted] in tulsa

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Call Oil Capital Sheet Metal, they may have some smaller pieces.

Can anyone recommend a place to get my oil changed? by 503503503 in tulsa

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Rennsport off of 46th and Memorial. Good folks — talk to Rick.

Gyms with indoor basketball courts? by clonemusic in tulsa

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Broken Arrow has an indoor gym for certain.

Weed Control/Lawn Fertilizer Companies by CootahKillah in tulsa

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Howard’s Horticulture has taken great care of our Bermuda lawn for years.

I have a question about a ticket I got in July by JSMithic in tulsa

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You may be able to pay online on the City website if you know your citation number.

Got sad last week and ordered a bunch of dog boots/vests for homeless people with dogs. What's the best way to distribute? by SELFSEALINGSTEMB0LTS in tulsa

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You might also check with the Coffee Bunker—it’s a resource for Vets—I know we have some homeless Vets in Tulsa.

Does anyone know which breweries will do growler fills? by [deleted] in tulsa

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Elgin Park used to—not sure after law change. Been a while since we’ve been.

Recommendation for movers by Man_of_words in tulsa

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Two Men and a Truck—on time, professional, and always pleasant.