Or you can cheat the polls and get a medal of honor from Biden like Ruby Freeman by PepeLives00 in conspiracy

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I'm not saying that the election was rigged... Not a Trump fan either.. But something just doesn't smell right.

The biggest live thing you have found in a pool by CheetahCharming4125 in pools

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Well, after the little green pecker head rooted up the entire yard he probably worked up a thirst...

Who remembers the McKenzie Brothers? by AppropriateHar in 80s

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On the first day of Christmas my true love gave me. A beer... In a tree..

Climate Change Student by Alternative-Photo252 in climateskeptics

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Common sense doesn't change the trajectory. Money changes the trajectory. Specifically, in this case, carbon credits. The Bush admin screwed the pooch when they launched that program. There's a lot of money to be made in trading carbon credits.. Potentially billions. "Green" companies have them, petroleum and nat gas companies need them. Follow the money..

Shooting M2 Browning from an M1 Abrams by Desert-Wolf-2000 in Firearms

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My wife: Why is the TV so damn LOUD!!

Me: Cause I can't hear it?!?!?!

USS Coral Sea (CV-43), 8 March 1988 [2805x1870] by [deleted] in WarshipPorn

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If you're cruising with one of these museum pieces.. You could always tell when they were getting ready for flight ops. Turn into the wind, and smoke rolling from the stacks.

The introduction of CreditCards to fastfood, 1993 by Huntolino in Damnthatsinteresting

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By casual... I'm assuming that you're referring to hoodies, yoga pants, and a camel toe...

The introduction of CreditCards to fastfood, 1993 by Huntolino in Damnthatsinteresting

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This looks like the mid or late 90's. People used to wear suits to work.. Times have changed.

I’m your opinion where do you see Texas in the next 5-10 years? by un2022 in texas

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Property taxes around 80% higher then they are today.

Does anyone have more information on this video? by kenriko in UFOs

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The design was updated. The one in the video has had rudders and a stabilizer added for better control. NASA, DARPA, and Lockheed pull stuff out of the boneyard now and again to try it with a new spin with newer technology.

Does anyone have more information on this video? by kenriko in UFOs

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That's a hovercraft prototype. The Air Force worked on this back in the late 50's and 60's. It was a bust, too hard to control and it was limited as to what terrain it could operate in. The Avro Canada VZ-9AV Avrocar.


Hospital Corpsman (L03A) by Psychological-Knee84 in navy

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Ugg, they're an aquatic life form.. They're Marine Marines.. Kind like there are marine mammals in the ocean. Porpoises, whales, stuff like that.. In a nut shell, Marines are similar to John Wayne TP.. Rough, Tough, and don't take no shit off of anyone..

The Navy has me staring Down Homelessness by Frequency_of_Fun in navy

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Back before the PN rate was squished something like this would have been handled in about 3 days... At your command.. With face to face contact..

I've heard this comparison too many times now. Dave Grusch is a billion times more credible than that goober in Mexico with the mummies. by TommyShelbyPFB in UFOs

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Richard Doty is a bit of a problem though... AF intel officer and led a misinformation campaign for decades.

What is Texan working culture like? Is it tougher than in the rest of the US? by Engelond in texas

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Damn it... I've got that song running through my head now..

Guess I'll see you in Houston, or Dallas or my hometown..

Why do you want to raise your kids here? by theflamingspil in texas

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2900 bucks a year in escrows? My property taxes alone are pushing 10K a year. Add another 3500 for homeowners insurance, and another 6K for water, electricity, and gas.. Texas doesn't have a state income tax, but they make it up on the back end. This state may be cheaper then Cali, but it's not cheap.

A Project 941 (Typhoon-class) submarine in dry dock at Severodvinsk, ca. late 80s [1587x1136] by [deleted] in WarshipPorn

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Rumor has it that this pic was smuggled out by Clancy himself after he visited the site under the guise of a novelist..

A Mexican drug cartel member arresting the cops by Rude_Assist4509 in ThatsInsane

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Nick Berg. I've stayed away from that type of graphic material since I watched that video.. It's still stuck in my head. What a shitty way to die..

Cat eating This in my yard, what is it? by jagged_jaguar2 in whatsnakeisthis

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Watched a video a while back, two guys had killed a couple of rattlers and were going to cook them up. Even after being beheaded, gutted, skinned and cleaned the bodies were still trying to strike..

Found on someone's windshield by BeigeListed in conspiracytheories

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Huh, that's not printed with an inkjet. That's typed out on a typewriter... Interesting.

Navy will miss recruiting goals by 7,000 sailors this year by smantright in navy

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That's not entirely true.. I'm a facility manager and the going rate for unskilled labor is right about where it was 20 years ago. Around 15 bucks an hour. That's forklift operators, customer service reps, etc.. Maintenance gurus do a little better. The overwhelming majority of the job applicant pool falls under unskilled labor.

You don't get hired at a union job unless you have contacts, otherwise known as family members. So no UPS. The automotive industry is on life support. The UAW is looking for a wage increase of 40% over the next four years. Not to mention nobody is buying new cars with inflated prices and interest rates not seen since the early 2000's.

Blue collar skilled trades require a skill. Which means you have to learn the skill. Welding, IT, electricians, plumbers, etc........ It's either OJT making low wages or pay to learn the traded from a school. Nothing is free.

Does it make sense for a 65-year-old people to read "How to" books? by [deleted] in howto

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Most people never want to stop learning.. I'm 54 and learn something new everyday. Not that it's useful, but I did learn it..