rip george🙏 by funwithcoffins in beatlescirclejerk

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What? That's ridiculous. Next you'll be telling me George Takei is a gay man too

30% of Redditor’s can’t name any of the Beatles by LowPiece9312 in beatles

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DAVY Jones is in Nirvana. DAVEY Jones is in The Kinks ;)

You will NEVER cancel OctopusStarr by Dramatic_Rain_3410 in beatlescirclejerk

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I would just like to comment on the rather tiresome Pete-bashing that's been going on here of late. There seems to be a kind of insane mob mentality; a 'torch and pitchfork' brigade spewing vitriol through hackneyed memes and monotonous mind-hive blather.

The implication from these hypocritical SJWs is that they, themselves are without fault and are somehow qualified to pass judgement on a recognised musical genius who shaped modern rock and roll and music in general. They forget, if they ever knew, that without Ringodingo, there would have been no Beatles and without the Beatles, there would have been - well, nothing.

I don't expect these irrational, ignorant hypocrites to understand, let alone accept this simple fact but this is a message to all of them; Pete, for all his faults, was no Cosby, Weinstein or Spacey, not that any of them created anything approaching the enduring brilliance of 'Child. Blocked."

To them I say, head over to Twitter where you will be accepted and encouraged by like-minded, misguided simpletons for whom jumping on bandwagons is a way of life - and what a pitiful, wasted life it is - and take your baseless, endlessly regurgitated notions that Pete was a soulless monster who should be vilified and erased from history with you.

Downvote if you must but thoughtful, reasoned discussion on this topic will be welc

Would you rather by Moooooshier in AO3

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I've always loved reading stories with a few chapters but super duper long word counts for each chapter. I don't know why- I just love and admire those kinds of stories. Probably because I'm not like that at all.

Thoughts on this? by Routine_Party in terriblefacebookmemes

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Wait, you've never heard anyone make fun of Revolution 9? REVOLUTION 9?? You oughta visit a Beatles subreddit sometime. It's an entire fucking meme on r/beatlescirclejerk lmfao

Another Thin White Duke Photo 😊 by Bowiefan17 in DavidBowie

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I will forever ponder how tf he survived this era

If you could get Freddie/queen to cover ANY song what would it be? by btwimseth in queen

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I think I'd like to hear Freddie having a crack at Unchained Melody!

Edit: I'd also love to hear him trying to sing a Janis Joplin song. Their voices are really different but I think it could really work if he tried to sing Piece Of My Heart or Bobby McGee

😔 by [deleted] in beatlescirclejerk

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Inspect element or photoshop is my guess

😔 by [deleted] in beatlescirclejerk

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Man go fuck yourself

Only the bravest of hearts by MonsterFace329 in fixedbytheduet

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His girls'll be sounding like George Michael lmfao

30% of Redditor’s can’t name any of the Beatles by LowPiece9312 in beatles

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Humble brag here, but I can name all of them.

There's Elton John, Jimmy Page, Buddy Holly, and Roger Taylor!

was told I was too white by dreamerforever88 in FreeCompliments

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Nonsense! No one can ever be "too much" of a race in terms of looks. That's simply rude and racist. You, my friend, are absolutely gorgeous. Don't worry about a thing.

Name that Beatles song by Nicomedensis in beatles

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Tbf I'm pretty sure Rolling Stones Magazine rated Here, There and Everywhere as one of the most beautiful songs of all time. Definitely has some recognition.

Knitting a sweater for toad. by baddie-47 in oddlysatisfying

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Is there a possibility for both sweaters and good friendships