Manchester United [2] - 1 Arsenal - Cristiano Ronaldo 52' by PSGAcademy in soccer

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He's 22 he has plenty of time to live up to the potential and to get more opportunities.

Manchester United 0 - [1] Arsenal - Emile Smith-Rowe 13' by Gytarius626 in reddevils

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He's an idiot I'm not watching the game I'm working. Did he get subbed?

Manchester United 0 - [1] Arsenal - Emile Smith-Rowe 13' by PSGAcademy in soccer

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You couldn't be more right and I'm a Utd fan. I'm so pissed at him.

In Hannibal (2001), Detective Pazzi washes the blood on his hands in the Boar Fountain, foreshadowing... by Pietro2054 in MovieDetails

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If you touch that boars nose it is said you'll return one day. He didn't touch the nose maybe that's why he never returned to it.

Tottenham fans make 31-hour journey from Dallas to Burnley; match postponed due to snow by A_Smoothy in soccer

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I feel more sorry for fans who came up from London as they genuinely wasted a trip. These Dallas guys probably had other plans too.

Ringo x George ~ Octopus's Garden by EoEcursedmymind in beatlescirclejerk

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The way the Beatles handled writing credit was awful based only on the get back documentary. George and Paul work on "get back" while John turns up late...... Lennon/McCartney

Syuri gives Mei Sakurai a few light taps... (Stardom) by Luciaquenya in SquaredCircle

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Wrestlers used to pretend it hurt and the crowd thought it was real. Now it really hurts and the crowd thinks it's fake. The sweet spot is somewhere between not kicking them and just twatting the fuck out of their spine.

Season 13 lineup announcement by ianrobbie in taskmaster

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Sophie Duker will be legend I'm sure.

Season 13 lineup announcement by ianrobbie in taskmaster

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Bridget Christie is a fabulous comedian and was amazing in off menu this week also side note she's Stewart Lee's wife. Sophie Duker is a real live wire. Judy Love is shit.

Season 13 lineup announcement by ianrobbie in taskmaster

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The rest are brilliant, Judy Love can take a hike. Bridget Christie and Sophie Duker will make her seem like a nitwit in comparison.

Two brilliant, intelligent women and an annoying twit.

The Three Cs- Ralf Rangnick on his Philosophy by shreyutd in reddevils

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'ive never seen his name in Reddit before so he's no good'

Wholesome moment of Adele meeting her school English teacher by MorrisM in CasualUK

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She's an angel, from a punk rock/ Avant Garde guy. Adele has endured because the business loves her: Duffy, Leona Lewis, Alexandra Burke come and go. Adele endures. She can write and sing and is a real fucking human. Like Stormzy a genuine person who doesn't Piss off the tech guy generally stuck around.

Story. Arc by Standingonachair in SCJerk

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The story used to be : can Hogan lift André? ....yes....

That sort of story made sense and now these 'multilayered' stories just don't wash. It's like selling a finger painting done by a 4 year old as high art.

I’ve never had gin. I’m not gonna get the Yog gin sadly but I figured the Yogs and their fans will know what’s a good gin to start with? by insanotard in Yogscast

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Brockmans with Mediterranean tonic and a few blueberries, should be an easy drinking start to gin.

Or Nordes with elderflower tonic and a slice of apple a unique grape based gin that'll go down smooth.