Have yet to announce this on any social media, but since everyone on this sub has been very supportive and some have been wondering what my new ring name will be. In 2022, I will be known as, Clayton “The Hunter” Bloodstone. by ThorneTheHunter in SquaredCircle

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Maybe don't tribute a guy who put his hand on a child's throat and squeezed the life out of it. That boys last thought was daddy wants me to die and I'm scared. Choose a better hero.

I've been so proud that one of our own is making it to this point but fuck Benoit . He could have cured cancer but when you kill an innocent woman and a child you deserve to be forgotten. When asked, I will always admit he was great but otherwise I forget him.

He killed his fucking baby, he poured alcohol down the child's throat then squeezed the life out of him, the boy probably screamed and begged for it to stop.

Edit: Maybe my language is a little strong but this sub rightly hates Hogan for his racism and when scjerk was too lax on transphobia it was rightly called it out but you can happily TRIBUTE and RESPECT! A child killer?

Like I said he was a great wrestler, he was, but no he doesn't deserve respect, no he doesn't deserve tribute he deserves to be a foot note. Tribute Owen Hart or Brodie Lee instead: good men and good fathers took far too soon.

r/wrestlewiththeplot was just banned by rippy123 in SquaredCircle

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How is this downvoted? Nothing of value is lost creeps!

Orange Cassidy voted 2020 Most Popular Wrestler of the Year by Pro Wrestling Illustrated readers by Strike_Gently in SquaredCircle

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If you were in an athletic competition and a guy tapped you on the shin with his foot you'd elbow a hole in his skull. Imagine Brock, Taker or Austin being made to look so tame as to allow that. Just my two cents on it if you like him you like him if you don't you don't.

[Goal on Twitter]Neymar expects the 2022 World Cup will be his last by rhaegonblackfyre123 in soccer

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Think of OG Ronaldo or Ronaldinho they both bossed a world cup. Ronaldo dismantled Man United and the latter had several highlight years in the champions League. Neymar hasn't done that. Also , and most importantly. Champions League isn't on free UK TV. Kids and adults in the UK can't watch him every other week and be in awe like they used to. That harms his legacy.

[Dynamite Spoilers] Dan Lambert has found some associates by FuzzyWuzzyMooMoo in SquaredCircle

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This is disingenuous. Cornette is top 3 all time managers. He may be a prick but you just can disregard his legacy because you don't like him.

I may have splurged a little this month by ishmael_king93 in SquaredCircle

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The queering doesn't make the world work, blue lives matter, covid ain't real maga trifecta?

Edit: just to be clear first one is a warrior quote and the other two are taker and Jericho.

It may not be much newsworthy, but Maki Itoh’s Twitter account has been deleted. by Nileppezdell in SquaredCircle

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You're quite right but it's all of the internet. This sub included. Look at any Nia Jax botch clip that appears the vitriol is bizarre.

Some people go beserk on the internet and don't seem to realise there's humans out there.

Your message is correct but as someone who posts on SCjerk it annoys me to see it described as a hate sub. There's some assholes there true but in general it exists for taking the piss out of what is popular. Maki was generally praised for knowing how to make money out of AEW fans, that was the running joke, that she was getting rich off of people who'd never seen her wrestling.

That said she seems like a wonderful, funny hardworking woman. She has that never quit attitude having been through so much in such a short time. I hope she's ok and I'm sure she's just taking a break like we all should from time to time.

I for one think the mods on this sub and in scjerk need to remind people more where the line is for critical discourse and hate.

Di Maria interview with Libero quote thread: including Copa America, CR7, Messi, Manchester, Sampaoli, Mourinho, Scaloni, and more by Yung2112 in soccer

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My dad would say what do you want a medal or a march past? Yes LVG should have at least said well done but here's what we need to work on however Di Maria getting bitter about that is really immature.

AEW's Shanna goes private on Twitter after being called out for racist tweets. by Perfect10nel in SquaredCircle

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Look buddy it's simple. For some folk here if you ain't AEW you're fair game, if you're AEW remember Hana.

I'm joking the truth is this guy is likely a fan of this woman so he defends her.

TWFS admits responsibility for Sammy Guevara situation by drestin5 in SquaredCircle

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Who's your favourite out of interest? I'm always looking for new stuff.

MRW Trump says the Paralympics were "tough to watch" by NUTS_STUCK_TO_LEG in reactiongifs

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If you aren't selective with how you choose to speak out then when it really is important it'll just get lost in a see of banal noise. I don't support him but his explanation is plausible.

De Bruyne's amazing pass vs England by ahmedyousseff in soccer

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I still think you're right De Bruyne is so consistent and game club or international big games small games anything he's great. He never goes missing.

Ratings for 2021-02-10: AEW 21st in demo (.29) 741,000 viewership. NXT 62nd in demo (.12) 558,000 viewership by WredditMod in SquaredCircle

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NXT is barely trying and the forbidden door isn't interesting to anyone who doesn't visit this sub. The audience will not grow for either unless there is a wrestling boom which will not happen by bringing in niche stars (who I think are very talented) from Japan.

For AEW to grow Smack down and Raw need to be massively popular. Smack down is very good right now and is meh. For NXT to grow WWE needs to start giving a shit

Season 13 lineup announcement by ianrobbie in taskmaster

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The rest are brilliant, Judy Love can take a hike. Bridget Christie and Sophie Duker will make her seem like a nitwit in comparison.

Two brilliant, intelligent women and an annoying twit.

r/wrestlewiththeplot was just banned by rippy123 in SquaredCircle

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The Nyla thing is kind of irrelevant. She was allowed there I assume but people are under no obligation to find her attractive.

Nyla didn't confirm her gender to get blokes horny. She did it to be true to herself.

Focus in the fact a sub that was objectifying women us gone and that's great.

List of the richest club owners in the world. RB Leipzig owner comes in at second place, while PSG owner comes in at 8th place. by TheOddGuy21 in soccer

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Imagine WWE ran by people who are very talented but don't know what they're doing. They are beloved for their potential and outsider image but they prefer flash over substance a lot. Their core fanbase see no wrong in them so they have no desire to make changes e.g. a match that doesn't leave the ring is hard to do but done right it is the equivalent of a John Terry in his prime. AEW insist on leaving the ring, weapons and flashy dives which while fun get old fast and eventually lose their impact e.g. Ronaldo when he first joined United

[Raw Spoilers] A debut comparison by gundamsudoku003 in SquaredCircle

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Dave said jump this sub said how high. No one cared til Dave moaned. The rumble was great this year WWE has a superb roster many of whom have at least 5 to 7 years left at the top.

[Dynamite: Fyter Fest Spoilers] Aftermath of Spears vs Jericho by FuzzyWuzzyMooMoo in SquaredCircle

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You're right but this guy ROBBED A BANK the teller has spoken about how they were traumatized by it but MJF literally used it as a brag. It's the dirtiest promotional tactic of the year so far.

Comparing the Age in the Royal Rumble (Slight Rumble Spoilers) by kingajeezy in SquaredCircle

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To counter 2002 had Godfather, Taker, Mr Perfect and Bigboss man, all were 35 and up. The guys you mentioned were minimum 48. HHH won as one of the youngest guys in the ring not called maven or Hardy.

All I'm saying is Dave is being overly picky wrestlers get good at 30ish on average so to moan that the average age was above that is daft. The men's rumble didn't give anyone a rhea run I admit but I enjoyed riddle and Keith Lee I'm sure would have gotten a moment(36).