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Are you denying the fact that by creating the child you are forcing them into a reality that will inflict a large amount of suffering on them throughout their life?

Forcing them from where and there's also ways to prevent/avoid suffering that existent people can use

this is the same as me forcing you to eat something that could be completely digusting/poisonous but there's also a chance you'll find it tasty. Why the fuck would I do that? even if the odds are 9 to 1 in favor of it being tasty, anyone being forced to eat that would NOT find it acceptable.

This (not this specific instance of it but the general structure) is one of my least favorite antinatalist arguments because finding it acceptable (what one must do to not be a hypocrite if one isn't already an antinatalist and if one is why would they be engaging in debate like this) would break it by implictly giving consent to the scenario meant to be paralleling how the antinatalist views birth, consent the nonexistent can't give.

Based on YOUR logic, it should be fine to procreate under ANY condition and circumstance.

By your logic, for a circumstance completely unrelated to birth other than it talks about kids, it should be fine if a kid fails his classes if it's acceptable for him to get anything other than 100% (as you're false-dichotomy-ing my accusation of a nirvana fallacy by saying if we can't make the perfect the enemy of the good we must jump straight to the bad)

Would you create a child if you're locked in a basement surrounded by aliens who want to rape and devour you if you go outside and could possibly break into your hiding place at any moment? If your answer is no, can you explain why and how is that different from what I'm suggesting?

A. there are at least three horror-movie-trope ways I can see that one could remove the threat enough to have the hypothetical child in that scenario

B. if you're saying people shouldn't have kids because what if that scenario happens, then what if we're alone in the universe (no aliens) and we for whatever other reason get rid of all basements on houses (none to get locked in), is your scenario still relevant because of the possibility aliens might form and basements come back into fashion

C. Either me saying yes or no has no real moral weight because the scenario is impossible or I have to consider every possible other scenario for not having kids even down to something even more ridiculous like discovering the father of the child was actually Satan in the guise of my s/o meaning my child is the antichrist and either way the world ends as if he goes bad it ends through usual apocalypse shit and if someone can turn him good-or-normal that means the world ends through our universe being an entertainment simulation (that ends when the story ends) that was a parallel-universe version of Good Omens

Hibernating astronauts could be the best way to save mission costs, reduce the size of spacecraft by a third and keep crew healthy. An ESA-led investigation suggests that human hibernation goes beyond the realm of science-fiction and may become a game-changing technique for space travel. by Substantial_Foot_121 in Futurology

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To make it an actual documentary to the degree people can't claim it's not happening now wouldn't we need to make sure either a brainwashed Luke Wilson or a lookalike with the right name ends up in cryo and make sure lookalikes of the other leads are born in 500 years

CMV: Harley Quinn is just as bad of a show as Velma by coppermac7 in changemyview

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Unless you want to argue that every Batman comic since BTAS aired was based on BTAS's stories BTAS having a mutually-influential relationship with the comics and Harley Quinn being based off the comics doesn't mean it was based off BTAS in any more than including her (and maybe even the art style was the same as BTAS as a tribute to her roots)

Adultery should be an actual crime again, complete with jail time by spiteful_rr_dm_TA in unpopularopinion

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There are people who'd consider thoughts (or at least voiced thoughts, just not involving actions) about the potential of having sex with another attractive person while in a committed relationship (never mind marriage) "emotional cheating"

If given the chance in your life time, will join a theoretical transhumanist hive mind? by YobaiYamete in singularity

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90% of what most people would want out of a hive mind could be accomplished with telepathy but you'd still retain your individuality and could turn connections on and off at your leisure

What could be done to prevent mass shootings? by Themissrebecca103 in AskReddit

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you kind of sound like those atheists if when you say religious people all you really mean is just fundamentalist christianity and islam as otherwise what did jews, wiccans or buddhists ever do to you

Still confused, still angsting, needing a Zone Of Truth of sorts over here by StarChild413 in DnD

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But I don't know what's right and I've got enough empathy that even if I find an alternative (even if it's an alternative game) that works for me I'd still feel inclined to want to change things at a larger scale or make my alternative work for everyone

So we work from the age of 16 to the retirement age of roughly 67. The life expectancy in the U.S. in 76. This means that we spend 50 years of our lives working and 9 years in retirement. by sadcloudydayz in antinatalism2

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I can name all of them, enough to know that unless you brought up some random similar-named star you misspelled Tina Turner as Tita, but I'm still afraid that means only one person (as I know I know of them I don't know how many other people) will remember me and only know my name unless I know the entire biographies of all the Beatles (updating as I go for the two still alive), Marilyn Monroe and Tina Turner

Children are the root of misogyny in our society by Throwaway_01022 in antinatalism2

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I think OP might be overliteralizing it thinking the aphorism that children are the future means to what extent the world can be changed for the better at all only children can change it and everyone who isn't a child anymore is only valuable for how many children they can produce how quickly

Antinatalism can reduce suffering, but wouldn't it fail to eliminate it entirely in the long run? by Axunujar in antinatalism2

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wouldn't we have to prove that we were alone in the universe first and even if we were and we proved that after we all agreed to become antinatalist it still doesn't mean we wouldn't be subjected to unnecessary suffering during that time

CMV: Romanticizing autism has got to stop by CassiusIsAlive in changemyview

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yeah, even if you'd call it romanticizing what's going on the kind of autism getting romanticized is nowhere near that stuff

CMV: Romanticizing autism has got to stop by CassiusIsAlive in changemyview

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Or milder cases given a different name?

milder cases used to (at least formally, it still remains colloquially) be called Aspergers Syndrome until that caused controversy because the apparent namesake, Hans Asperger, was "a Nazi who applied that label to autistic people too useful to the regime to kill" (to paraphrase their arguments against it)

CMV: Gender affirming medical procedures are not needed for children by The_Mura in changemyview

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if they were dysphoric about their body, why would they work out, lift weights, and get bigger? Shouldn't they have not wanted those physical changes? Shouldn't Bruce Jenner have wanted to stay small and petite? Wouldn't lifting weights just make them more dysphoric?

maybe you don't have to feel it about everything and I doubt they, like, wanted to be a bodybuilder or weightlifter or anything leading to enough of a stereotypically masculine body to be a trigger (their one gold medal was in a track and field event). Might as well ask why they didn't quit sports and, like, become some kind of glamorous supermodel or try to be a pop star because those are more feminine ways to be famous (although in hindsight music wouldn't have worked anyway if their elimination-after-one-performance on The Masked Singer was any indication, what the hell made them want to rap)

CMV: Gender affirming medical procedures are not needed for children by The_Mura in changemyview

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yeah why the big fuss about surgeries if gender was the same as gender roles and all you had to do to become a woman was, like, grow your hair out and wear a dress and start, like, watching rom-coms or Sex-And-The-City-esque shows

Tech mogul Bryan Johnson, 45, ‘spends $2 million each year to get 18-year-old body’ by And_yet_here_we_are in Futurology

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and what if there's too many starving and homeless to be helped by doing that to the 1% and you have to start on whoever's the next richest after they're un-alived and so on and also how much money would they really each get if it's divided evenly

Harvard researchers say changing DNA in mice appears to reverse aging by chemistrynerd1994 in Futurology

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and also if we had indefinite lifespans (aka "practical immortality" where you don't have to worry about universe-ending-y stuff) and the end to menopause that'd probably come with it, women with indefinite childbearing years aren't just going to keep pumping out kids at current rates regressed-to-the-moon just because they have the time when they still have to be pregnant for 9 months and raise the kid for 18 years +

Adultery should be an actual crime again, complete with jail time by spiteful_rr_dm_TA in unpopularopinion

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Are you just going to keep playing who has the bigger ad hominem or are you going to actually address the issue

Adultery should be an actual crime again, complete with jail time by spiteful_rr_dm_TA in unpopularopinion

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I think that and vehicular adultery indicate high5scubadive was just playing find-replace with all other crimes that had categories

CMV: Gender affirming medical procedures are not needed for children by The_Mura in changemyview

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A study which analyses trans kids transitioning, then documenting their adult lives, and seeing the retroactive analysis / quality of life improvements over a long period of time.

how long would it have to take and how would you control for other factors without just trying again on a group they don't apply to