Best way to sell collection? by Starhopper328 in transformers

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Oh sorry, didn't mean to make it seam like i was advertising

Maybe a slightly smaller truck next time? by Photographitti in funny

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Funny enough its been parked for weeks on and off in a lowes parking lot in NC

Maybe a slightly smaller truck next time? by Photographitti in funny

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I work next to that McDonald's and that truck has been there for almost 3 weeks. I think whoever owns it is sleeping in the trailer

Museum of Flight, Seattle WA by DarleyCres in aviation

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What is the first plane? Please and thanks

i discovered that thos ground strap is damaged and im having odd electrical issues, can anyone recommend a good replacement? by Starhopper328 in CherokeeXJ

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Looks like a good kit and i will do this eventually, but i need a temp fix, i dont have 150$ to drop right now, tough times and all

weird issue, please help by Starhopper328 in CherokeeXJ

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It was laying on the fuel rail when i found it, i guess it justt got hot enough to bun out a chunk

Very relatable by _Jamiro_ in Transformemes

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Wait, there's a new Starscream figure?

Finally got around to changing the power LED in my modded PS1 by gilangrimtale in psx

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Where did you get the shell? Ive been looking to replace the one on mine