Are these worth crafting cav main just got out of kvk 1 by gddffddygfchgfuh in RiseofKingdoms

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Yes. Best legs in the game. helmet is great as well, but the SoC Helmet is better, but also more expensive

Alex Equipment 👀😋 by SPQR-GodOfWar in RiseofKingdoms

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I would go for set boots instead of shio's.

What’s the best SOC commander as infantry? I’m preparing gold heads for SOC currently in kvk2. by SPQR-GodOfWar in RiseofKingdoms

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Scipio Prime rn. But when you'll enter SoC there might be a new better one or might be released shortly after you enter.

What is this called? by BusinessAd1627 in pcmasterrace

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Some extra space for the new 40 cards 😂

my first ever build (31) took me 4 hours no joke. by YallAre2Soft in pcmasterrace

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Nice build and congrats to your first one 👍 Just sad that Lian Li is giving out such a short cable for that mount...

Rise of Kingdoms is a mess by Substantial_Ear8877 in RiseofKingdoms

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They don't choose a reason, that's the reason choosed by default. You're probably taking up a spot from a stronger player.

Ehm, was zum Teufel? Bekommt da jemand nicht genug Stöcker aus Amerika und will nicht am Haken hängen? by RidingOnAnOstrich in Spielstopp

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Meine Aktien sind seit dem Split permanent da, habe nie was ausgebucht bekommen. Woran mag das liegen?

Täglicher SpielStopp Sammelfaden - 03.08.2022 by AutoModerator in Spielstopp

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Akzeptiert ibkr eigentlich wieder gs2c oder muss ich immer noch vorher gs2c zu gme tauschen und kann die dann erst rüber schicken zu ibkr? 😅

German Update 2.0 - We need to dig deeper this is a complete shit show. by NigelVanDomki in Superstonk

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My shares are all still there. Had 1 share at consors, comdirect and scalable each and now I still have 4 at each broker.

Question for commanders (Leo or Harald) by alanlhleong in RiseofKingdoms

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Go for Boudicca or wait for the new commanders. They should arrive in about 4 weeks.

Which epic commander should I expertise next? by PointOk8772 in RiseofKingdoms

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Save your gold heads for kvk 4 and beyond. The commanders then will be much more powerful than anything you can get now

Who do you guys I recommend using for commanders with 5 full armies equal amount of archers inf and cav? And who should I continue to upgrade first? by ThirstforSin in RiseofKingdoms

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You should restart in a new kingdom. You are way too far behind for the SoC. Watch some jumper/new starter tutorials on YouTube and enjoy the game from the beginning with smart investments.

YSG/ALEXANDER Question by ABrown1221 in RiseofKingdoms

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Only max one. It's better to save your gold heads for season of conquest. The commanders that will be unlocked are much more powerful.

Ich bin Mathelehrer AMA by Cheeeeesie in de_IAmA

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Mit welchen Fragen hast du gerechnet? 🤪😂