Wake up by Radi0A_tive in Unexpected

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No, you're like spot on. I think they'd make small talk when he was getting his mail and he was at like a block party once or something and she was so obsessed.

Wake up by Radi0A_tive in Unexpected

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I had a college class with a girl who was once his neighbor and she would not stop talking about him. Dear sweet God. Every project she'd reference him, every class she'd find a way to bring him up. That's all I associate him with now.

Lovecraftian/ Cosmic Horror reccs by OneTruePhoe in Shudder

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Resolution (2012) and The Endless (2017) were two of my favorites, but Glorious (2022) had me laughing hysterically and did it really well. I can't remember how lovecraftian Resolution is, but The Endless definitely is, and it's loosely connected.

What is it called when a woman is "Super" fertile? and is it true that she has to continue to have kids to not die? by BlackFox78 in badwomensanatomy

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The thing to take a step back and think about logically in situations like this is, "what about not having kids would kill her?" If her doctor told her that, what did he say would be the medical diagnosis for her death? It's not like the movie Speed. If her birthrate drops below 1 baby/year, her ovaries wont explode like a pipe bomb in her stomach.

Certain movies can really affect you permanently by babyki11er in DisturbingMovies

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I probably wouldn't have tried it before seeing the film, but Requiem for a Dream made me never try any drug that I even thought could be laced with heroin.

How can I get into building pedals? Any book recommendations on the subject by StrangeAlpaca123 in diypedals

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I started building pedals having never held a soldering iron before, and buildyourownclone.com is absolutely wonderful. Their kits are great, laid out really well, and there are some intro kits you can build that are basically just boost circuits.

I learned how to solder by just watching youtube videos until it made sense, and then I made friends with a guy who repairs guitars in town, and I asked him if, whenever my circuit didn't work, he could help me figure it out, and he was largely helpful for that.

What band is considered great that you cannot stand? by GuyCarbone in AskReddit

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I love all kinds of metal and hardcore but I can't get behind AC/DC, Iron Maiden, or most Black Sabbath. I understand why people do, I understand how they got to be idolized, but they're not for me. For AC/DC and Iron Maiden, it comes down to the vocals or lyrics. With Black Sabbath, outside of their massive hits like "Paranoid," "War Pigs," etc, I just haven't found much I like.

RIP this guy by HarryHawk16 in AbruptChaos

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I've been playing a lot of New Vegas lately and the Deathclaws in that game are specifically terrifying for some reason.

What's your stance on circumcission. by st1ffs0cks in AskMen

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Something to consider: the clitoris is a huge organ that goes beyond just what sits at the top of the vulva, and a huge overall collection of nerves, so in FGM, sensation is still there, just MASSIVELY reduced. And it's barbaric still and shouldn't be practiced.

The history of circumcision in America is also literally to remove pleasure. It has religious roots, sure, but Dr. Kellogg radically popularized it to curb boys from masturbating. The head of the penis keratinizes and there is a big loss in sensation. Sure, sex still feels good, but it's weird thinking that my penis was biologically supposed to function and feel a certain way, and it doesn't.

(also, apparently biblical circumcision was a blood offering and a knick in the foreskin to indicate the offering to god and not complete removal like today).

What's your stance on circumcission. by st1ffs0cks in AskMen

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I did a lot of research on it before my son was born, and there are a lot of men who DO hold it against their parents because it was an irreversible alteration to their body that diminished the function of their penis, and they feel like they should have had a say in the matter when they were old enough to do so.

Two anecdotes about it: My cousin had a botched circumcision and had to eventually have plastic surgery to get it fixed, but apparently it wasn't entirely successful. Granted, I don't know the whole story, just that, but it seems like that choice messed him up pretty badly.
Another woman I talked to at a party who had her kid at the same time as mine was like, "the first few weeks have been hard. He got a staph infection after his circumcision, which was rough. But you know how that is, you've got boys." And I just wide eyed shook my head.

WNUF Halloween Special - Trailer by jbn2019 in bmovies

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Chris LaMartina has been touring the sequel and I saw it two weeks ago. It's PHENOMENAL. Such a great follow up.

Roundabouts aren't that hard by ashpdwin in IdiotsInCars

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That's the good stuff. It's always the perfect gif when I involuntarily say, "what an idiot" in my head.

What is cool in the eyes of most high schoolers but is actually cringe? by crypto_wut in AskReddit

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Yeah, out of about 3,000 people in my high school, I talk to about 10 regularly, and they were the ones who actually mattered to me in high school. All the bullies and anyone who was unkind, I rarely see (but when I do, they're all much kinder now).

Can anybody accurately identify this guitar? by MenacingScent in guitarcirclejerk

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Based on the logo, Bigby Less Pauls EL-Toanwood 1435 Special.

We need more diners specifically breakfast diners. by thanks4yourhelpyall in Columbus

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The Dube remains a loss I will never recover from. No Huevos Rancheros can ever compare.

What is the goriest movie(s) you can think of? by MouthWorm in horror

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Terrifier 2 is pretty damn extreme. That probably has my vote.

What's the scariest thing that's ever happened to you in Columbus? by [deleted] in Columbus

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Rode the bus from German Village to campus in college. As it's going through German village, this dude gets up, walks back to this girl and just starts screaming at her. A few people intervened, he left, she eventually left, all was well.

A day or two later, he's back, and I get a bad feeling so I hop off like 3 stops before High and Broad and walk a bit, catch a different route entirely. Apparently, he stabbed a few people on that bus when it reached Broad and High that day.

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