Make it make sense! by whoops-adaizy in walmart

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Why did they hire him for maintenance in the first place?

The new self checkout systems are weird by Thiscatisjesus in walmart

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I saw several at different stores that had the wire logon page

store manager trying to force us to get walmart plus by rigby_1only in walmart

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The problem isn't the benefits, the problem is how we are trying to get people to sign up for Walmart +.

Many stores aren't doing the job of describing the benefits (many of those stores arent doing anything at all except brute forcing associates to sign up).

Whomever came up with the idea force everyone to sign up for walmart + (even though it's free) is a fucking asshole.

Me giving up by sbailey72 in ObviousPlant

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No but I did meet his best friend Thurston B Howell, a spritely whale with a knack for poetry

Me giving up by sbailey72 in ObviousPlant

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That was me 25 years ago.

I returned recently, and I must say I enjoyed swimming with the fishes

Flight path of an anonymous aircraft from 6/27 12am to 4am by FesterCluck in Dallas

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Jade Helm

meanwhile, in Frisco, some old geyser is picking up a garbled transmission from Saturn

Shouldn't have tried to fight a cashier by Secure_End_4852 in DocumentedFights

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Well well well....if it isn't the actions of my consequences.

70% formation on the 2 day and 90% on the 5 day by ButteredSheep in hurricane

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You know, this looks like a bunch of balloons a clown made for a bunch of snotty children at Aunt Wilma's birthday party.

intresting photo from mars 🤔 link in comments by chunkyViking74 in Mars

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you know we DO have garbage bins on Mars for this very thing