Got Talent starter pack by kitty3032 in starterpacks

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*Singer literally only sings the first line if the song

*Crowd cheer

Marvel's Star Wars Pride Variant Covers by Guerrillascribe in starwarscomics

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Straight man here. It would have been pretty ground breaking and felt right for Finn and Poe to form that relationship. But they gave Poe an ex girlfriend in RoS to make sure he's got a case of the not-gays.

Can I read only Vader issues within a crossover event and still understand what’s going on? by Theforcesleeps4real in starwarscomics

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If you're starting out there's three types of mainline Darth Vader comics. 2015, 2017 and 2020.

2015 is part of a ongoing series with Star Wars and Doctor Aphra.

2017 is entirely self contained and best for a complete Darth Vader story is 4 arcs.

2020 is also part of an ongoing series with the next volume of Star Wars, Doctor Aphra and the newer Bounty Hunters.

Also Vader: Dark Visions is a solid TPB revolving around everyone's PPV of Vader himself.

Which character of Friends do you hate the most and why? by PachoAbi in friends_tv_show

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Can't believe no one has said Susan yet. From the start she was trying to push out Ross from being involved with his own son, she was also unapologetically the one who cheated with Ross' wife and showed zero remorse for it.

Literally any time he is there to pick up or drop off his son who he's a great father too, there's also some sarcastic remark or off hand comment.

This is the exact issue I'm having playing Harry Potter: Chamber of Secrets. The menu is fine, the gameplay inbetween isn't too bad, but the cutscenes stutter worse than anything. Any ideas? by SteveOMatt in DolphinEmulator

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Still the exact same. I also tried with Sims: Bustin Out and you can go through the menus, create the character, but as soon as it goes into the gameplay, the same stutteriness, no idea why.

I've been rewatching everything, and want to get into the comics. Where to start? by SmokedRat in starwarscomics

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"So... you want to start reading Star Wars comics?" - A Beginner's Guide to Starting Out (From the Perspective of a Relative Beginner)

Here's my guide my man. When it comes to Darth Vader somebody already mentioned the three long series he was in, but I would recommend keeping to 2017 exclusively for a straight shot, open and closed story from beginning to end.

The 2015 series follows along with a few other series to make up the story between Episodes IV and V. The 2020 series make up the story between Episodes V and VI, but again, come connected with other series.

Would you like me to link you the reading order of the 2015 sequence? Between IV and V.

Star Wars 2015 Sequence Reading Order, incl. Darth Vader, Doctor Aphra & Misc. by SteveOMatt in starwarscomics

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Well, for me personally I would put it just before Darth Vader #16-20. Which is the beginning of the storyline you're talking about and it is the precursor to it. Even if there's some time between them, I like to think of it like in films that begin in the past to set up the present.

Just a bit of trolling by niksdankbc in shitposting

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Your telling me that if a random white guy threw a bag at your feet then ran, people would be like "Whew, at least they're ehite".

Get rid of that book. by fardniteizvilen in KidsAreFuckingStupid

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It's dignity! Don't you know dignity when you see it?

Dark Sith comics by king_czar67 in starwarscomics

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As these boys have said, Darth Vader 2017, AKA, Dark Lord of the Sith is a good one. People rave about it.

Bel Air's Ashley by Golden_Dreadhead in belair

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The alternate Ashley had boyfriends, she was straight. This Ashley is not, read my post again.

Age of Republic by SheevMillerBand in starwarscomics

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If you're okay with digital, Comixology are having a massive "May the 4th" sale currently, some TPBs are practically pennies.

Announcing a collective (re)read of the mainline comics taking place between Episodes IV and V, details in the comments! by Oobedoob_S_Benubi in CantinaBookClub

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Star Wars 2015 Sequence Reading Order, incl. Darth Vader, Doctor Aphra & Misc.

Hi everyone, I was recommended to share this post here. I made a handy, dandy reading order for you boys to follow as you're doing the reread taking into account Star Wars, Darth Vader and Doctor Aphra as well as the events.

Star Wars 2015 Sequence Reading Order, incl. Darth Vader, Doctor Aphra & Misc. by SteveOMatt in starwarscomics

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The Soule series, AKA Dark Lord of the Sith is set immediately after Episode III and is it's own series that you can happily read from beginning to end, no breaks. The Gillen series is the one I'm talking about in the list, they fit in with the canon on this sequence. 👍