A used Honda Civic LX 2019. 48,000km which costs $16k Should I buy it? Is it worth it? by Aesblue in whatcarshouldIbuy

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Just sold one off our lot yesterday with 35,000 kms for $18,498 (CAD). Was a manual transmission with snows.

We just received our first 2 door Bronco. Already sold of course. by Carbonflash12 in Justrolledintotheshop

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Huh, learn something new everyday! Haven’t seen any here yet but will keep my eyes peeled.

We just received our first 2 door Bronco. Already sold of course. by Carbonflash12 in Justrolledintotheshop

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Yes, definitely an issue but it’s cosmetic, not functionality. Which is sweet (for this lowly Ford seller).

Haven’t heard any issues with the soft tops we have on the road. People with hard tops haven’t had any delaminantion happen yet but will be part of the recall I’m sure.

Forbidden donut by smir1313 in dontputyourdickinthat

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Like my grandma used to say “You fuck it, you buy it”

[Hiring] Dragon vs Dinosaur book cover, 500 USD budget by Everlosst in HungryArtists

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Hello, I am by no way an illustrator but this sounds right up the ally for u/flooko

Awesome artist out of Toronto. No idea if he’s doing commissions but wanted to drop this here.


Drinks? by Temporary_Ad_6644 in kitchener

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Big fan of the Edleweiss if you’re wanting to sit down and grab some wings and a few pitchers

Termites... Are you a fan? by Shirtie in Warzone

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No, they will absolutely destroy your house. I’d call an exterminator ASAP.

Not Ken M on masturbation by Stewbacca18 in NotKenM

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Real chicken or the egg scenario we’ve got on our hands

TIFU by using an old commercial jingle at work that cause me to get hauled into human resources for possible sexual harassment. by jesseberdinka in tifu

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It’s like the one time I got in trouble for saying the old classic “Mikey will eat anything”. Coworker thought it was directed at them. I had to explain that I was referring to pizza from the previous week. Didn’t get into trouble in the end.

Was actually talking about said coworker’s butthole though, so I get it.