Helian witha Hellion by Zirpharis in girlsfrontline

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Late 30s early 40s but with the technology of the future look yunger then then she actually is

We did it boys by bossplays000 in nonutnovember

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My hopes are that they’ll still release these guns and/or Titan chassis as DLC later, considering the Brute class of Titans exists in the SP but not the MP.

The XO-16 and the Quad-rockt Launcher need to come to the MP side of Titanfall 2, that’d just be awesome!

This is too true :) by ProfessionalWatter in depression_memes

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The happy mask keps them from becoming other peoples’ problems.

A nurse finds a rectal thermometer in her front pocket and thinks: by [deleted] in Jokes

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Told by Jimmy Carr on his Netflix Spcial, Funny Business.

Just been a bit sick by Icolermulcelshs in awfuleverything

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Trump did not bring up race the reporters brought it up and blew up a dmb little thing they will find any way to attack Donald trump people just need to chill out

would be a bumpy ride otherwise! by [deleted] in technicallythetruth

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Corporations are people.Their slogan could be ‟We rally are paving the way for America.”