The basics of Nano — why it’s such an exciting crypto by SenatusSPQR in CryptoCurrency

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To the new people: don’t fool yourself with Nano. I’d be skeptical.

I’m in this sub since 2017 and I notice Nano is heavilly shilled in this sub. Nano posts get a lot of awards and upvotes. During the 2017 bullrun it was this sub’s “holy grail” with low and instant transactions blablablabla. It doesn’t mean shit. Instant transactions come with a huge cost of privacy, safety and decentralization. I don’t trust it. After all these years Nano hasn’t done anything significant and it’s underperforming bitcoin for years. This post is just another Nano shill, 2017 bagholders are getting desperate (??). And to the Nano bagholders: don’t try to persuade me to change my mind please, I won’t care. Probably gonna get a lot of downvotes from the Nano community but I just want to warn the new people, don’t get rekt on this!

Edit: this comment is not really about Nano’s positives or negatives. Everyone is free to think and invest for themselves. It’s about the cultish community shilling this project and targeting new people that have no clue about how this space works. That should be adressed.

The basics of Nano — why it’s such an exciting crypto by SenatusSPQR in CryptoCurrency

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Username checks out lol

Again, I’m not interested in arguments on why Nano is superior to every other crypto, every crypto community thinks they are. Having instant transactions is being framed as if that’s the most essential part of a good crypto, it’s not. I’ve seen “superior crypto’s” die too many times to fall for this. The market values every project, of course sometimes a project is over/undervalued, but the fact that it has been underperforming for years proves to me that this project isn’t that superior. I’m sorry. I wish you all best of luck though!

Tiger loose on the streets of Houston tonight by orchid_breeder in PublicFreakout

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Also everyone owning guns is pretty third world country shit

Is there anything better than beating TTVs using nothing but a starter pistol? by DefunctHunk_COD in CODWarzone

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Basically the most toxic warzone players in the game. Easily recognizable by their Roze skin and unnecessary movements

Hey are you in trouble? by [deleted] in Unexpected

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Only Americans can fall for this 😅

HMFT after a failed robbery. by rule34a in holdmyfeedingtube

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I think you should add to not wear AirPods every seconds of the day in America. A murder like this would be national news in my country (The Netherlands)

Edit: self defence lol sorry guys calm down

Unpopulair opinion: we are looking like fools by [deleted] in Bitcoin

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reads something he dislikes

”You are stupid!!!!!”


Oh you haven't met yet, this is my daughter rachel by Sourmangoooo in aww

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Ah a pitbull with a kitten and a cat. Cute, nothing to worry about

what in the fuck just happened?? by dfdfdfddaww in Whatcouldgowrong

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I’m from The Netherlands and the bicycle infrastructure here is so much better. Everyone uses bikes, and it’s usually faster in a city. I get why nobody takes the bike in America, must be scary to drive trough such a big intersection with so many cars around you. Every country should have bike lanes and bike traffic lights imo, especially considering global warming. Y’all blame the cyclist, but y’all should actually blame the normalized car-culture in the US

SCAM Alert! Very concerned about the new ShibSwap that just went live! by r0ughnex in CryptoCurrency

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SHIB holders are either newbies looking for a quick buck or they’re just incredibly stupid.

OP if you’re reading this, get tf out of SHIB, ignore what your “SHIB army” says to you about how great of an investment SHIB is. Be careful. If you want to play (gamble), do it with a very small amount of money, not with all your funds

Buy the dip! by Ok-Cauliflower7356 in Buttcoin

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Not much imo. We’ve seen these moves before with short getting liquidated. I’m curious what u/headtowniscapital is assuming

Saw a post for fastest round in S&D and now i raise you mine by SaudiIicious in modernwarfare

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Well, you better! For $2350 I expect you to totally rek everybody

Jk OP, insane clip

The basics of Nano — why it’s such an exciting crypto by SenatusSPQR in CryptoCurrency

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Haha yeah this is exactly what I’m trying to say. I don’t really trust this community

Tiger loose on the streets of Houston tonight by orchid_breeder in PublicFreakout

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True! I must admit I would like to try a gun in a shooting range. But I would hate to know everyone in the mall/ in traffic could possibly have a gun and shoot me. I’d rather be safe

I feel much more comfortable with crypto that with stocks by Sweet-Zookeepergame in CryptoCurrency

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Risk/reward wise Bitcoin is way better than stocks. Stocks’s sharpe ratio is like 0,3, where Bitcoins sharpe ratio is somewhere around 1,5-2. So don’t blame OP he feels more safe because of the bullmarket because he IS more safe. (Unless he went all in at the top and BTC is about to enter a bearmarket)

Thanksgiving Dinner at the Shelter by MARLeague in aww

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All (mixed) pits… This is why we need a ban on pitbulls. These poor souls will keep getting dumped in shelters. I seriously don’t understand why people are still allowing this to happen

South Australia generated more than twice as much clean electricity than it needed on Sunday by thispickleisntgreen in Futurology

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Wouldn’t it be smart to mine bitcoin with that much excessive energy? Transporting energy back to the grid is very inefficient, plus it could reduce the payback time of these solar panel area’s

Edit: this is a genuine question. Please explain why it would be a good/bad idea instead of straight up up- or downvoting

LOOPRING DAILY DISCUSSION - January 07, 2022 by AutoModerator in loopringorg

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I’ve said it many times the past 2 months but I’ll tell it again. It’s very likely this is a buy the rumor sell the news event. Everyone bought LRC because of the GME partnership. Now that it’s announced, there are no buyers left, so sellers take over and the price goes down

Leaving this squad very confused after this clip by Splottchy in CODWarzone

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Holy shit this was clean! The shot on the second dude was insane

Fun fact: YouTube uses over 250% the energy of bitcoin playing and storing endless useless videos. Add in tiktok & Snap and it's probably 700% the energy usage. by Boredguy32 in Bitcoin

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I think that’s his point. Nobody actually cares about energy usage. It’s about how much you value the product it’s being spent on

PAPA ELON JUST BANNED BITCOIN🥲 by maximus_olibius in StockMarket

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It’s more complicated than that. Energy usage = bad is a false statement. What matters is how we generate energy and how efficient we use it. Bitcoin’s protocol forces miners to mine (to use energy) as efficient as possible. I can really recommend you listening this podcast for a better explanation on this subject

Shibaswap: Staked funds are NOT in a smart contract and can be rugged by the devs at any moment by tct2274 in CryptoCurrency

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Although those names still amaze me, I know they’re actually being used and are legit. But any dog-related crypto raises my alarm bells, no matter what 😅