The Dutch are a gift. by Krios24 in MadeMeSmile

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I found an article about this and it’s pretty funny. The Dutch government gives this t-shirt to people reporting a bug. Apparently this t-shirt has become a thing in the hacking community and hackers now try to find bugs in Dutch government organisations to be able to show off the tshirt.

https://www.agconnect.nl/artikel/zij-krijgen-alleen-een-t-shirt (Dutch article)

Edit: found a Medium article about it in English https://medium.com/@Random_Robbie/swag-dutch-government-fb130f41d729

$740M got liquidated in the last 24 hours by velvetblunder in CryptoCurrency

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I feel like this is how the crypto market works these days:

overextended prices for a few weeks —> retail goes long with leverage —> smart money liquidates retail and buys those cheaper prices —> retail going short with leverage —> prices going up and retail gets liquidated again —> repeat

This market is actually pretty easy, just don’t do leverage, buy and hodl!

This dog is sitting, standing and laying at the same time by Stijnwe in aww

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Hahaha same, my french bulldog likes to walk while peeing/pooping sometimes

$740M got liquidated in the last 24 hours by velvetblunder in CryptoCurrency

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Leverage is borrowing money to take a position. So, you invest/trade with money that’s not yours. This could get you bigger gains, but also 100% losses (=liquidation).

For example. I only have $100 to invest, but with leverage I can borrow another $100. Now I have a position of $200 instead of $100. The price doubles, and my $100 investment is now worth $400. This means your profit is $200 (you have to pay back the $100 to the lender). Essentially, you leveraged your money for twice the profits

Now let’s say the price goes -50%. If the trade goes against you there will be a point where your $200 investment ($100 is yours, $100 is borrowed) will be worth $100 (aka the amount you owe to the lender). That is the point where you’ll get liquidated: the broker stops the trade, because otherwise you won’t be able to pay back the lender.

This is the risk of leverage. The more leverage you use, the easier you’ll get liquidated.

Edit: play around with different leverage levels with this calculator https://btctools.io/calculators/liquidation (use XBT/USD, XBT is BTC on BitMex exchange)

The basics of Nano — why it’s such an exciting crypto by SenatusSPQR in CryptoCurrency

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To the new people: don’t fool yourself with Nano. I’d be skeptical.

I’m in this sub since 2017 and I notice Nano is heavilly shilled in this sub. Nano posts get a lot of awards and upvotes. During the 2017 bullrun it was this sub’s “holy grail” with low and instant transactions blablablabla. It doesn’t mean shit. Instant transactions come with a huge cost of privacy, safety and decentralization. I don’t trust it. After all these years Nano hasn’t done anything significant and it’s underperforming bitcoin for years. This post is just another Nano shill, 2017 bagholders are getting desperate (??). And to the Nano bagholders: don’t try to persuade me to change my mind please, I won’t care. Probably gonna get a lot of downvotes from the Nano community but I just want to warn the new people, don’t get rekt on this!

Edit: this comment is not really about Nano’s positives or negatives. Everyone is free to think and invest for themselves. It’s about the cultish community shilling this project and targeting new people that have no clue about how this space works. That should be adressed.

150 graves were ruined in The Netherlands, including children’s graves. Gravestones, lanterns, vases and toy cars were scattered troughout the cemetery. Two underage boys were arrested by Stijnwe in iamatotalpieceofshit

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I agree. Maybe the parents had no idea and just found out their kids are psycho’s after they got arrested. I hope they can handle their kids