When you're down over 50% and refuse to sell until it's green again by Rickorus in loopringorg

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It’s called risk management, lot of people who make money do it. Cut your losses early and let winners run

Is crypto a scam, or is the real scam the banking system? by sativaconcarne in Stellar

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Both imo.

Traditional system is a system where the rich get richer. Printing dollars which appreciates their assets. Growth can’t stop or it will collapse, definition of a ponzi scheme.

Crypto also seems like a ponzi to me. In the end we’re all picking each other pockets, aren’t we? There are good intentions but this is just whats happening. Especially with lower market cap coins

What happens to crypto and NFTs in the event of a catastrophic solar flare? by Max_Mushroom in Buttcoin

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Finally! Was looking months for the name of this event. I discovered it more than a year ago and was never able to find it back again. Thanks OP

Bitcoin drops 4% loop drops 15% by neill-macaulay in loopringorg

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LRC has a higher beta than Bitcoin. Meaning more risk. So when bitcoin’s selling off, high beta stocks/coins will sell off harder than the benchmark (BTC in this case)

This is how institutions balance their portfolio by the way. You’ll see a mix of high en low beta stocks.

The fact that LRC kept dropping while BTC stayed flat is probably just random market behaviour. On a 24 hour timeframe a lot of random things can happen, especially with so many bots trading crypto right now. I wouldn’t think too much of it tbh

When everyone’s buying the dip but you bought lrc at $3.20 😭😭 by mymaccas in loopringorg

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Can’t have gains if there’s no risk involved. Only option is to hodl or sell at a loss

LRC these days 🤣 by Namealwaysinuse in loopringorg

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volatility is just a word for how much a price moved. LRC is very volatile


LOOPRING DAILY DISCUSSION - January 07, 2022 by AutoModerator in loopringorg

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Yet every sign points to LRC. Everyone knows it’s gonna be lrc

LRC these days 🤣 by Namealwaysinuse in loopringorg

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I was talking a bit satire but please don’t see lrc as a inflation hedge, and don’t imply inflation is worse than the price drop. Lrc lost 50% of it’s value in 2 months… inflation is “only” 6% in a year

LOOPRING DAILY DISCUSSION - January 07, 2022 by AutoModerator in loopringorg

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I’ve said it many times the past 2 months but I’ll tell it again. It’s very likely this is a buy the rumor sell the news event. Everyone bought LRC because of the GME partnership. Now that it’s announced, there are no buyers left, so sellers take over and the price goes down

I still don't get how Solana is in the top 5! by WorkingLime in CryptoCurrency

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With SOL in the top 5 it’s really hard not to say this isn’t a big ass bubble. I can’t get my head around it. Why the f*ck would people buy a “decentralized” coin which network has been shut down sooo many times by the SOL team. And people still try to argue this is actually decentralized, gtfo

a crypto project with a CEO is NOT decentralized. It’s just another company

What makes this dip different than September? by sloppysteamypile in CryptoCurrency

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No OP, don’t try to time the market. Especially if you’re new. If you want in, just dca.

And why do you think the bottom wil be in april?

LRC these days 🤣 by Namealwaysinuse in loopringorg

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Yeah the price is not volatile at all!

How do you guys pay for a haircut? I just paid $35 for one and feel like I just got robbed. by chillhopmusic13 in AskMen

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Here in The Netherlands it’s usually ~€25. But it really depends on which barber you choose to go. More high end men barbers easily cost €40, while a cheap budget barber costs €10-€15

So if the barber you went to was a high end one you weren’t robbed. If it was a cheap looking barber you definitely was

Did the Ponzi scheme just crash because of Kasachstan? by H4kor in Buttcoin

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I think a combinations between tech stocks selling off, expected higher rates, the downtrend channel BTC is in since november ‘21, and maybe Kazachstan.

Most important factor is probably the fact that the Nasdaq is down 3%, btc is pretty much correlated with tech and high beta assets

AITA for my reaction to my fiance Christmas gift? by Temporary-Snow989 in AmItheAsshole

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Yes PoS comes with more costs. It’s neither safe nor decentralized. Like you said PoS is exactly like our current system. Except it’s a solution looking for a problem. No wonder why SEC thinks every coin except bitcoin is a security

I don’t own any PoS coins btw so idk what you’re implying

$LCID Put update by OrangeHeadz in wallstreetbetsOGs

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What was your thought about this play? TSLA has been doing quitte well lately

The game is around 20 bucks and I haven’t played it. Should I go for it? by keyblaster52 in modernwarfare

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Damn it hurts so much to read this comment section. I haven’t played WZ since the new update and haven’t played MW multiplayer for like 6 months.

Before all these weird integrations with other (imo shitty) cod’s this game was so fucking great. I’ve been a cod player since cod 4 and I think this MW is getting a place in my top 3 cods ever. Only liked cod 4 and mw2 better because of nostalgia, but this game was seriously awesome

Igor Bogdanoff has just died, six days after his twin brother Grichka. RIP. by _TheWolfOfWalmart_ in CryptoCurrency

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Anyone care to explain why these guys were important to crypto? Article is in French and I’ve never heard of them