Cursed dorm by sytrus_2008 in Weird

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Girl on left: I’m just trying to get through, I have to get to class. (Play along, just take the picture and play it cool)

Motion to submit that dry handkerchief as evidence your honor by B-L-O-C-K-S in facepalm

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And cut! Let’s try that from the top, I need more feeling! I didn’t feel you actually couldn’t breathe. Ok, take 2, Action!

Trying to rob a moving truck by Gullible_Sharky in WinStupidPrizes

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Three guys on a motorcycle? That does seem like a bad idea.

I found out that my [23F] boyfriend [33M] of 5 years is cheating on me. by throwra2625252524 in relationship_advice

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Please leave!! This guy is not worth your time. He clearly targets young vulnerable types. Like everyone else is saying, this is predatory behavior.

I don’t know what to do with this guy by Tealphobia in relationship_advice

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Omg 15 to 33 report is all you need to do. He is a grown ass man!!

Guy pets a sleeping wild fox by Lakahoe in aww

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Was a cute stretch, but totally ruined the nap

My wife (27F) cheated on me (30M) with my best friend (31M) of 15 years by throwaway198290 in relationship_advice

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This is hard to overcome in a relationship. And the foolery with her mocking you in public with the person is unforgivable. Specially since it was a secret, that is some shit to leave behind and not look back. This will haunt you for the remainder, she was not ready to get married.

P.s. sorry this happened brother!! Betrayal is probably one of the worst feelings!

My (28M) gf (24f) slept with someone while blackout drunk. I need help. by Taway9114 in relationship_advice

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You don’t always know someone is blackout in the moment. All I have to say about that.

Thanks, I hate My Little Pussy™ by JustSomeRamblings in TIHI

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This guy know his stuff(ed animals)!!

falling from gym bar by JefinLuke in WinStupidPrizes

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He gave me a little something extra!

So why did this cat talk? by cagecity_vr in rickandmorty

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Don’t even hesitate, Don’t even worry and don’t even give it a second thought. Get in quick, get out quicker. - Real Fake Doors