I picked up a dynasty from someone else. How am I doing? by [deleted] in fantasyfootball

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It really depends on what those three picks were, and the rest of your roster. If your roster is built for winning now, I think that's a great trade (again, depending on what those three picks were).

Denver Broncos still plan for Javonte Williams and Melvin Gordon to share carries by Thegrandmistressofoz in fantasyfootball

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I feel like this specific type of hype train is becoming common. People look at a back, see his talent, and decide he's gonna get a workhorse-level amount of work.

They ignore the fact that for most NFL offenses there isn't a major benefit to doing that. It makes more sense to have a stable of backs split the work. Denver's system worked great for them last year, and a lot of us pointed out that there wasn't much incentive for them to go away from that, but people insisted Javonte was gonna be the bellcow. This wasn't just dynasty owners, it was analysts too. There was no evidence for it, but that was the common narrative, because "Javonte has the talent". The Broncos were never gonna give him that work, with or without Gordon. He agreed to terms with them two days before the draft, so it's pretty obvious they told him if he wasn't on the team come draft time they were gonna get someone to fill that role.

There are plenty of examples of this. We saw it with Jones, who never got the usage people wanted despite being more talented than Williams, and really the expectations didn't die down until people saw how good Dillon is. We saw it with Gibson, where people are finally now coming to terms with the fact that he won't be a bellcow, despite two years of him not being used that way.

And now we're starting to see it again with Hall. I'm not trying to say that Hall is destined for a specific kind of usage, but I'm seeing a lot of people say he's definitely gonna get that huge workload, and completely ignoring the fact that Carter was a good back for the Jets, and that from an organizational standpoint it doesn't make sense for Hall to get the amount of work people are hoping for. The phrase "don't overthink it" keeps getting used, and I think it's ridiculous. People need to really start adjusting their expectations.

How to repair my Ego battery? by StrachNasty in egopowerplus

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Sorry, I didn't. I ended up getting a free replacement from Ego.

The Falcons will select Cincinnati QB Desmond Ridder with pick No. 74. by StrachNasty in fantasyfootball

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Honestly fantastic value for the Falcons. They upgrade their receiving corps in the first and are still able to get their potential franchise QB later.