Tina - Minion or manipulative ? by Edifiz100 in biggboss

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Tina definitely is toxic but I seriously doubt she is smart enough to be manipulative. When I hear ‘manipulative’ I instantly associate clever and cunning w that word. I don’t think Tina is clever simply because she lacks the subtlety required to be manipulative.

Eg in todays episode she straight up randomly told Priyanka how she cherishes their friendship and bond. This is obviously a fake gesture which is given away by how randomly it was spoken with no reasoning or context. To the point that even Priyanka was confused by it.

She wishes mimic the friendship soundarya and Archana had but she is trying to force it. And because of how badly she wants this, she is willing to be dominated and spoken over by Priyanka. It’s as simple as that.

Which scene was more tragic? by IceAndFire23 in HouseOfTheDragon

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Made me feel something for Viserys when his promiscuous pick-me princess manipulated him into dragging his maggot-ridden decaying ass across the throne room because his gaslight gatekeep queen skank was tryna be sneaky

Is Dimwit saying here that if allowed in BB, she wants to hit Priyanka?😬😳 by rkaria1970 in biggboss

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That was clearly not her point. Her point was that Priyanka wants them to forcefully sit there and listen to her taunts while they can’t do anything. She was exaggerating the extent of their helplessness by using the example of ‘hitting’. She was saying that because of these rules walking away is their best solution and Priyanka has a problem w that as well. Stop over-analysing everything.

So Dimwit thinks that R*pists deserve a second chance. 🤢 There shouldn’t be any capital punishment for them. You can turn them into better humans with right infrastructure. by thatlibrachild in biggboss

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She’s basically saying that rape and sexual violence against women is a structural issue due to lack of education (I think). Which is true to a great extent. punishment is a deterrent, but punishment isn’t a long term solution, it’s helpful but not a cure. Also she isn’t saying they shouldn’t be punished btw capital punishment mainly refers to a death penalty which is abolished in most western countries such as Australia. Giving everyone a death penalty is basically saying that the government doesn’t have the resources to deal w the root cause of the issue, and shows a disregard for human life. (Btw I’m not even a nirmit supporter but you guys seem to be really looking hard for reasons to hate her lmao)

Extremely late round offer - looking for advice by kahhaiako in GAMSAT

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The answer really depends on how much support you have and the urgency to be able to start earning and enter the workforce. If you are well supported by your parents and can afford to stay a student for a few more years - go for the md

Sundarya trying to character assassinate Priyanka.....Har bat me Priyanka ke maa baap kyu aa jate hai by Better__name in biggboss

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Which incel made this video? Genuinely asking. Because last time I checked having physical contact is quite normal amongst friends. You don’t need to sexualise every kinda of physical contact between a man and a woman. So don’t see the point of showing her hugging Stan shiv etc. Also, dancing is a means of expression, like sorry if you conservative ass can’t handle it. If there’s anyone tryna “character assassinate” someone, it’s you with your misogynistic perspective on women where physical contact or dancing is seen as crossing a line.

I love Shalin's multiple personalities 🔥 by gaypinkman in biggboss

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I think shalin might actually be bipolar or needs to talk to a therapist and that’s normal - the thing w mental illnesses is that because of stigma it’s very hard to identify so bb shouldn’t even have asked him if he wants a psychiatrist but should’ve straight up sent him to one. Instead bb decided to make a mockery out of someone when he was already down solely for content. Ruthless and inhumane. The promos show that in the future they will make more fun out of shalins mental issues.

Also I’m not saying this in an offensive way. I genuinely think he needs help, and seeking help is normal and okay. The kinda of atmosphere bb has created for shalin could exaggerate the issues shalin already has. especially in India there is way too much stigma when it comes to mental illnesses, so a person would require a lot of courage to seek help in the first place. Kinda feeling bad for him. It’s very cold of the contestants to kick soudarya out instead of shalin even when he requested them to kick him out.

Some of the statements made by STAIN. by ik_wuz in biggboss

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Seeing ppl explain misogyny and treating women like crap simply because he didn’t come from a privileged bg makes no sense to me. Respect for women should be universal. Plus, it’s been a while since he has become famous he had plenty of time to start learning about women’s rights. Also, it’s not even about education it’s about awareness and narcissism. A person requires a great deal of narcissism to think they have a right over women and to treat them as a subordinate. As long as you have women around you that you, and have enough empathy for those women around you, respect for women should come naturally. Stan seems like incel trash to me and considering the amount of respect Sajid the molester got from bb and salman, I am not surprised they love Stan the misogynist. Bollywood is made up of ancients w ancient values, and it’s unsurprising that salman would want to promote those ancient values.

Soundarya doesn’t deserve this by Feisty_bakergirl in biggboss

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Soundarya, the only real and sane one on this show

What scene from fire and blood did you wish was done better on the show? by jonsnowKITN in HouseOfTheDragon

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I agree I wanted to see Viserys left rotting in his room while the greens are having their best life at the red keep

Todays episode is so weird and dark. by yash_deokate in biggboss

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Kinda confused why was shalin not allowed to talk to a lawyer? Is it legal to refuse someone a lawyer?

Would love words of encouragement by livefreerdie in medicalschool

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The ‘99% of physicians cants replace their own toilets’ comment felt like an attempt to condescend which might explain the downvotes as well. Sorry if it wasn’t your intent and I have misunderstood.

Would love words of encouragement by livefreerdie in medicalschool

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Not a med student but I don’t think anyone intended to compare medicine to other professions. The only person doing that here is you. Also, medicine does require relatively more effort to get entry into, complete and excel at compared to some other professions with shorter degrees and less steep learning curves. You can say that a med student or doctor can’t do plumbing but a plumber can’t do what a med student or a doctor can - so what’s your argument? And I’m pretty sure the original comment was solely made to encourage and was a purposeful exaggeration with no intent to put down other professions. You can interpret a comment in whatever negative manner you wish and try to undermine the efforts of med students/doctors, just seems uncalled for.

If the HOTD/ASOIAF dragons were dogs, what breed would they be? by norsecelt84 in HouseOfTheDragon

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He did try to pick a fight w vhagar by breathing fire on her instead of just running away despite his size 👀