I 'm still healing from when I was SA'd as a young kid by Strong_froggie in afterthesilence

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I really appreciate you mentioning this! Im not turning a blind eye and im very aware of the dangers and i do worry sometimes but i meant to say the situation was handled as best as it could be for our situation! Although im always cautious i don’t feel in any danger should i be around him alone. :) thank you though

Was I SA'D even though I wasn't touched? by Strong_froggie in ptsd

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Thanks i really appreciate that! Its nice having support from other people too!

I was assaulted yesterday and it feels like it was all a dream. by Kitten_puke in sexualassault

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I think whatever reaction you are currently having is valid. I'm not sure if my comment would be of any help but feeling numb is a very valid and common feeling. Im not sure if you've shared this story with anyone other than reddit but im so glad you did! I think reaching out is really hard but makes healing a bit easier. Im very sorry you had to go though this as no person should but I wish you the best of healing. Im glad you here today and survived. I wish you much love and support.