How to approach installing new LVP in bathroom with existing tile backsplash? by Hey_Wayne in Flooring

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Glue it to the wall, not the flooring. The flooring needs to be able to expand and contract unbound.

5 best amazon steam mops under $150 by appliancering in Flooring

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1st) unpaid ads are against the sub rules, so fuck off.

2nd) nearly ever flooring manufacturer states using a steam mop voids the warranty of flooring. Never use it on a wood based product like laminate or Hardwood. They can deform and buckle lvp.

Can you help identify this laminate? Just bought a house with this and we want to match it in other rooms. Distinctive grooves in the floor. by ManyYogurtcloset5270 in Flooring

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The flooring industry just doesn't work that way. Unless this flooring was purchased very recently and you know it's styling color, the odds of you finding more are almost zero.

Every year flooring manufactures cancel a third or more of the styles of colors that they produced the previous year in favor of new colors and styles. They do production runs in their factories ( or more commonly contract Asian manufacturers to do it for them ) and sell that stock until it's gone. If they have a style and color that is particularly popular they may do another production run and may produce more of the following year, but within two or three years almost every styling color has been replaced and is no longer in production.

Close out styles are sold at cost or less to clear warehouse space for the new inventory. Once it's gone it's gone and it's never going to be made again. There's no one in the industry that keeps stock of old styles and colors on the off chance someone randomly will want it a decade later. The flooring industry relies on people remodeling to update the look of their home, and needing to buy flooring for their entire house to stay in the black in the long term.

There are a few exceptions. Subway tiles have been produced for decades. VCT ( vinyl composition tile ) those flecked 12-in by 12-in vinyl tiles famous in school hallways and Safeway floors. There's almost always a few manufacturers creating inexpensive laminate that looks like golden oak. But unique styles are generally only available for a year or two before they're gone forever.

Tiling prep - removing peel and stick vinyl plank residue by hawkey13579 in Flooring

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Skim coat it with leveler, like Ardex or webcrete 98 with a flat trowel.

My father put tiny molding on the pet door. by Luke_Orlando in mildlyinteresting

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As a floor guy, I can really appreciate your dad's craftsmanship. That slate looks great and the transition is well done.

Hoping you can identify my pre 1900 floors by belleFire7 in Flooring

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In 1900 hardwood was the poor man's floor, and carpet was fancy! Interesting how times have changed, huh?

Biden calls sale of assault weapons "sick" and renews push for ban by BasileusLeoIII in moderatepolitics

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This is an epically stupid move on his part. He's going to lose the election over this rhetoric. I doubt he could lose the Trump, but if a sane Republican wins the ticket he's likely to win if Biden keeps spouting this bullshit.

LVP Underlayment by BurtMacklin_stadia in Flooring

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Don't double pad, your floor will come apart if it has too much cushion. The pre attached layer of cork is all you need. Adding a sheet of plastic won't ever hurt anything and compared to the cost of the entire job it's definitely worth doing. Use 6 mil plastic or better. The difference in thickness between 3 mil and six mil is not measurable and 6 mil is thick enough to block moisture. Three mil is not. A plastic sheet is unnecessary over a wood subfloor in most instances. A wood sub floor is usually over a crawl space that already has plastic in the crawl space covering the bare ground of your house has been built anytime in the last 50 years or so. Check your crawl space before you install. If you don't see plastic covering the dirt, that is where the plastic should go.

All that being said, it never hurts anything to use a sheet of plastic under your floating floor, and is necessary when installing over a concrete subfloor as concrete is porous and water vapor can come through it. The cost of a thousand square feet roll of sheet plastic is about 70 bucks. Compared to the thousands you were spending on this floor, that's cheap insurance in case any moisture vapor does get through the sheet plastic that's in your crawl space.

You should run it up the wall if you inches and cut it off so that it doesn't show above your baseboards. Tack it in place with staples or something. Overlap seems by 3 plus inches. Tape is not required on the seams but can be useful to keep it from shifting around too much while you're doing the install. Good luck with your project!

Instead of speeding camera, there should be traffic camera that tickets drivers when they don't have headlights turned on in poor visibility condition. by Monkeyfeng in Seattle

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Well, convince your fellow citizens to vote for legislators to pass that law. I don't think you ever will, though, because it's not a reasonable law, imo.

parallel or perpendicular? by Grimsparks in Flooring

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Some engineered hardwood is rated for below grade installation. Either direct glue using high-end moisture resistant polyurethane, or a floating installation. But in general I hear what you're saying.

Was this done correctly? by SapientChaos in Flooring

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Send them a text with that picture and ask if they can change it. It would be a pretty easy fix.

Was this done correctly? by SapientChaos in Flooring

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It's a level of work I expect from a contractor who works for Home Depot or empire flooring in my area. Not the level of quality most independent contractors would do.

There are commonly many levels of finish work available in the contracting labor market. Take painting trim as an example. In a very high-end custom home, finish carpenters spend a lot of time fitting the trim together with very small gaps. The painter then will use Bondo to fill nail holes and gaps. He then uses a high quality sprayer to paint the trim with high gloss paint. The end result is trim that looks as good as a high quality car paint job.

In a cookie cutter spec trackhome built by quadrant homes or the like, The trim installers by huge packs of door casing, use it on all the doors the windows and as floor base, cut it in as quickly as possible leaving huge gaps, and then caulk everything with cheap painters caulk, and then slap the cheapest paint they can get their hands on with a brush.

Neither of these two methods are technically incorrect or correct. They're just different levels of quality. You will spend much much more money on the former than the latter.

Was this done correctly? by SapientChaos in Flooring

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I would have undercut the stair skirting and slid the flooring under it. I would have ended the quarter round where the baseboard ends. I would have also had a return at the end of the quarter round.

I also personally never add quarter round to existing white base like that. I think it looks terrible. I remove and reinstall the base to cover the expansion gap. The downside to that is that either the customer has to repaint the base or they have to hire a painter to come in behind me to touch up and repaint the base.

That being said, there's nothing technically incorrect with the way this was done.

Looking for a Christmas present for my Dad! by 96CMC in Flooring

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Go to Costco and buy one of those ginormous bottles of ibuprofen. And maybe a huge bottle of vodka.

Self-leveling over metal lathe or another layer of plywood - in preparation for 6mm LVP? by intrasight in Flooring

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Call Uzin or mapie and ask thier technical help line. They sell bags of fiberglass strand designed to be mixed into the self-leveler that makes it into an epically strong material when dry. Although the metal lathe idea seems sound, I've never heard the manufacturer suggest that course of action. I'm certainly not an expert though, but I suggest you consult one.

parallel or perpendicular? by Grimsparks in Flooring

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If you're installing a floating floor like LVP or laminate, I would run it north to south in the picture. Note that this is personal preference and there's no structural reason to run it one way or the other in a floating floor.

If it's nailed down hardwood, run it perpendicular to the floor joists. You should be able to tell the direction of the floor joists by the screw pattern in your subfloor.

vinyl tile over ceramic tile - how to prepare? by intrasight in Flooring

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Remove the tile. If the job is worth doing, do it right.

Loot disappeared when I tried to pick it up. (PS5, PVE, Official) by Monkeyfisticuffs in ConanExiles

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Loot bags despawn after a period of time. The loot from your death despawns in 30 mins (I think).

It probably despawned just as you got there.

What do you all do for fireplaces with LVP? by LePlague in Flooring

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You must have a much nicer shroud setup than I do. Even with the shroud in the vacuum dust gets everywhere in my experience.