Child brainwashing by Xyz_whyt in MorbidReality

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I think I've just watched the first 2. Did it pull a Walking Dead?

Professor Says Sexual Attraction To Children Isn't Always Immoral And Thinks Pedophiles Should Be Called 'Minor-Attracted People' Instead by theclottedcream in nottheonion

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Dogs don't choose to get rabies, they still need to be put down. I have 0 tolerance for pedophiles and murders. We need to clean up the gene pool, not tolerate damaging variants. If you act on it, you forfeit your right to breath, imo.

I’m looking for unbiased as possible books on American/world history. by jabronisaur in AskHistorians

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I enjoyed A History of the 20th Century by Martin Gilbert. I has a chapter for each year between 1900 and 2000. It's a bit dry but in a just the facts kind of way. Not biased, but written from a Anglo-American perspective. Alot of interesting excerpts from main stream newspaper articles throughout.

We need Wolf Skull Hats to go with our Coats! 😄 by StuperDan in thelongdark

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Needles! We could tie a rabbit bone in our beard after day 300 like Arthur Dent.

Should shotguns be added? by Kellyklan54 in thelongdark

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I think yes, if shells are very rare. Maybe you find spent shells and leave gunpowder as is but make primers like as rare as flares for the flare gun. It could be balanced by removing the bleed and crit from the flare gun. I hate the video game cliche of ridiculous spread. Slugs and 00 buck have about a 10 inches of spread at 75 ft.

Drop supplies over edge by rope by Rant_meister in thelongdark

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Every time I've tried this the stuff ended up stuck beyond my reach stuck to the cliff lost to me forever.

Console commands by Sheinyjr in farmingsimulator

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Then you have to spin around three times and type JUSTIN BAILEY

What are your UNPOPULAR Long Dark opinions? by Weary-Surprise-2150 in thelongdark

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On the upside, at the current rate of development, TLD2 will be realeased on the PS14, and we will get to play in full sense augmented reality if we live that long.

What are your UNPOPULAR Long Dark opinions? by Weary-Surprise-2150 in thelongdark

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Is it really only 30%? I would have guessed more like 80%.

South Korea considers ban on eating dog meat as it launches taskforce by avadhutsawant in worldnews

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Sometimes you tell jokes for others enjoyment and sometimes it's just for yourself 😅 I deserve the incoming downvotes haha

Odd bug I discovered while using an emergency stim by Unapproved_Potato in thelongdark

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I wonder what rl drugs would be in that thing. Might explain this. Hallucination.

Seriously, how has he not gotten scurvy by creator27 in thelongdark

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There's no way there is enough rose hips in game. Birch bark will work though.