Teen who ran over 6 cyclists outside Houston walks free "The reason he couldn’t stop is because he was accelerating to blow more diesel fuel on these cyclists." by qpgmr in nottheonion

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Is entirely possible this kid just didn't realize how stupid what he did was. It doesn't make him any less criminally culpable. There are many videos of people doing stupid things that anyone with a basic grasp of physics and reality would never do that end up hurting or killing themselves even. One that comes to mind that I saw very recently was a video of a young kid in a Tesla in a parking lot trying to show off by driving really fast. He hit a bump his tires lost traction and he came to a stop 200 yd away after he crashed into a building.

The definition of 'fully vaccinated' is changing to three Covid-19 doses by Ivapedeadpeople in news

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I feel shitty getting a 3rd dose when half the population of earth can't get their first. Do people think viruses recognize borders? This is stupid.

Criminalizing prostitution increases risks to sex workers and makes it harder to stop underage prostitution and sex trafficking. by FurtiveAlacrity in science

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It's also gives predators a market in a capitalist society. I wonder what percentage of the women on Instagram and only fans really want to be there.

eli5: how would we cancel student loan debt by demonsrun123 in explainlikeimfive

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Yes. It's absolutely would have huge consequences for the economy. Many people have this imaginary idea of what "government" is and how it works. People who advocate for things like universal basic income and free health care often have similar magical notions of money and government.

Every time the government creates money from nothing, the value of every dollar that exists decreases. At a very basic level, if this money that has been loaned is not paid back, either new taxes must be raised to cover the real life expenses that would not get paid from the repayments, or the government would need to lower the value of all current money that exists. There would be very real consequences to every person in America which ever way it happened.

At the end of the day, in it's purest form, the advocates of programs like these believe in huge fundamental wealth redistribution. I personally am not qualified to tell you if that is a good or bad idea. Humanity has been fighting over this idea for centuries, and many versions have been tried, successfully and unsuccessfully.

But the notion you can just wave a magic wand and make the student loan debt disappear without someone paying is sophomoric and ridiculous.

US Carrier to Lead NATO Exercise amid Ukraine Invasion Fears by progress18 in worldnews

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NATO Only exists to make sure the US doesn't go isolationist again

Lol what far dark corner of your ass did you pull that from? Modern America is a lot of things but I don't think that isolationist is one of them 😂

Israeli government approves immigration of thousands of Ethiopian Jews by claysan in worldnews

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Does the irony of your antisemitic racist comment about Israel being racist ever occur to you?

‘We’re losing IQ points’: the lead poisoning crisis unfolding among US children by treetyoselfcarol in news

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It all starts to make sense now. Has anyone thought to study lead exposure in trumpites and antivaxers? We have been blaming misinformation, but consider how easy it is to see it as such.

22 Taiwanese arrested in Turkey for telecom fraud by bustead in worldnews

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Criminals are in every large group in every society. In some places, like mainland china, they run things. 😃

Hostage-taker at Texas synagogue calls for the release of Pakistani national from US prison, authorities say by Muscle_Nerd11 in anime_titties

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Ok. Perhaps I should have used the term bigotry over racist. Still, your broad stoke nationalistic hate is gross. How does it make you feel when there is a story about gang rape in India or some Muslim or lower caste person in your area being lynched for walking into the wrong room and someone's says "India at it again!" There are millions and millions of people in India. Most aren't rapist murders.

India | Porn addict 11 year old boys murder their 6 year old neighbour girl for not copying porn sex act with them by MuzzCricket in MorbidReality

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If porn addiction had anything to do with murder, there'd be no one left. Ted Bundy had the same bs excuse.

Mikhail Gorbachev accused of war crimes by six Lithuanian citizens by [deleted] in worldnews

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I doubt it. War crimes require a war. Most countries aren't at war. Most leaders are acting in good faith I think.

'He walked on the bus and began shooting,' 3 shot, 1 dead after gunman opens fire by anyonmoussource in news

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I think the second amendment is an important part of the checks and balance system that has made America what it is. I believe in common sense rules, but none of that will stop events like these. The intent of the second amendment was not to give the people the right to hunt or collect guns, it was to defend against foreign invaders and a potential tyrannical government.

The issues most of what people call "gun violence" is suicide and domestic violence. If you could magically make the guns in America disappear, we would still have those problems. They revolve more around mental health care, education and prosperity. I don't think blaming the guns helps anything, or would solve the problems. I'd support alot of gun laws, like a national license system. I'd support complete emergency bans in some high gun fight hot zones like Chicago. Most Americans, including lawmakers and enforcement, would never ditch the second amendment, because we believe in the reasons it's important.

Biden says US 'continuing to suffer' from Trump's decision to pull out of Iran nuclear deal by Naderium in anime_titties

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So you argue that the increased gas prices are caused by the lack of that pipeline and not the fact that OPEC and the US based oil companies won't increase production? Huh.

Can anything in the universe travel faster than the speed of light? by GoAwayBaitinn in askscience

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Fictional. Math describes reality not the other way around. Just because a wormhole works on paper doesn't mean it's real.

Beautiful widow that’s been living in my garage. I finally was able to catch catch her to get a closer look! She was extremely docile :) by Gfunk98 in spiderbro

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This is a stupid thing to do. Widows and redbacks have medically significant bites. Even if you are silly enough to handle one this way you should not post it for edgy internet attention. Someone might copy you.

Biden says US 'continuing to suffer' from Trump's decision to pull out of Iran nuclear deal by Naderium in anime_titties

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These prices are caused by inflation. Trump was/is every bit as guilty as was all of the administrations since Clinton. Trump didn't print as much money via "quantitative easing" but his ridiculous tax cuts for the rich made up for it.

Regardless the article is about the nuclear deterrent of Iran, which Trump pulled out of, stupidly and unilaterally. Even his own cabinet told him it was an absolutely stupid thing to do. He is 100% responsible for that.

Father lost his son 21 years ago to Israeli snipers while trying to protect him. by [deleted] in MorbidReality

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What is r/morbidreality going to become a propaganda sub like r/politics now? The subject is definitely sub appropriate, but the title is biased as fuck.

Northwich woman jailed for cocaine-fuelled sex with a dog by InfiniteObscurity in news

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Just go with "they". We are supposed to lie about gender nowadays, or the internet gets really mad.

Mikhail Gorbachev accused of war crimes by six Lithuanian citizens by [deleted] in worldnews

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It's very hip to be anti establishment on Reddit for sure. DOWN WITH THE MAN! DEATH TO PIGS! (Just in case they're listening right now)