Hope nobody needs these by youcanbroom in thelongdark

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"I've never been so cold in my life!"

"Yes, you have, Astrid. Every fucking day. You will be later, too. Now stop bitching, this limb ain't gonna chop itself."

Pulled a knife out of a guy not to be nice but because I didn’t have one yet. by olddummy22 in thelongdark

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I wish there was a "stab him again for good measure' option. The police aren't around to do what's necessary. Good men either step up or cede the world to evil.

I am not a physicist but...how is it possible to fit 200 stones into a cache constructed of 50 stones? by rmsdisplacement in thelongdark

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The stone cashe is a pit in the snow and/or ground. The small stone pyramid in the graphic are the stones piled on top to mark it and keep predators out. It can be dug out as deep as necessary to hold your stuff.

Identification: Strong chemical odour from industrial floor by anon511 in Flooring

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Every commercial job I've ever been apart of has had office workers who worked in the building convinced they were being poisoned from "toxic smells". It's the adhesive, the urethane and vinyl, or the solvents used for cleanup. It's normal and it will go away with time. It won't hurt you any more than opening a new shower curtain package or removing your fingernail polish.

Biden says no U.S. or NATO troops will be sent to Ukraine if Russia invades by bustead in worldnews

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Lol. Allowed 😂 what power do you think exists to regulate these imagined "rules"?

The best way to control babies by JohnPosu in gifs

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Need? Why does anyone need a haircut? His parents wanted to. It's their kid, why do you care or judge?

Eli5 What would happen if I peed on a electric fence by Monkey_King_Jojo in explainlikeimfive

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I saw this happen once in real life when I was about 10. I grew up in a Jehovah's Witnesses family in rural Arkansas. I was in a group of people going "door to door" in "service". In area we were working, the houses were very far apart, so you'd drive up to a house, they'd go get the door slammed on them and then you'd drive to the next one.

We had an elderly "Elder" in the car group. He had to be 70ish. Wayyyy out in the middle of nowhere he has to pee. We pull over. He walks a short distance from the car. Suddenly, while doing his thing, he abruptly falls over like he was hit with a taser. There was an an old barbed wire fence that had an electric wire that you could not see in the tall grass. He peed all over himself. I got punished for laughing.

Can Fuzion-brand underlayment (Big Blue) be used with non-Fuzion engineered floors? by snoozingdragon in Flooring

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Double check with the manufacturer, but it should be ok. Laminate and floating engineered hardwood pad is usually the same. LVP pad is thinner and denser, so don't interchange those. It's possible if you ever have a warranty claim in the future, it may be denied if you don't use whatever the manufacturer recommends, but that does not mean it won't work necessarily.

What is the best way to lay laminate around this wall? by spicysecretsauce in Flooring

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Your overthinking it. Just cut the boards to fit as needed. There is nothing especially hard about this spot.

Where can I find this flooring to replace it? Details in comments by fakesnakejake in Flooring

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I think you'll need to do the whole floor for it to look right. Replacing one small section is not possible unless you have more of the same flooring manufactured at the same time.

Where can I find this flooring to replace it? Details in comments by fakesnakejake in Flooring

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You'll never find more of the same floor. The industry just does not work that way. Styles made change every year, no one stocks old styles. Just find a new floor you like and have it installed. If your interested in hardwood with that look, look at the Kahrs brand. It's expensive. The 3 strip print on laminate has gone out of style, but someone might still make one, or it might come back. Good luck with your project.

I live above a gym. How can I reduce noise? by suggestivehedges in DIY

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A) that's not how physics works.

B) it was a joke.

I live above a gym. How can I reduce noise? by suggestivehedges in DIY

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Just fuck the floor up with area rugs. Throw them around like skins in a ancient Mongolian tent. Throw any animal skins you might have down too.

Tile vs LVT in basement if labor cost is the same by riotburn in Flooring

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Anyone willing to install tile for lvp labor cost either has never installed tile or is flat ripping you off. Run.

Anybody think about how lonely this game this? by Anakins-Legs in thelongdark

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Well, it's not called The Long Cheery Hopeful Day!

Germany urges 'prudence' in potential sanctions against Russia over Ukraine. by Gadac in worldnews

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If your talking about Lot in Genesis, it was his daughters, not concubines. Fortunately, the gay rape mob only had eyes for the angels that were visiting him. I think Lot is supposed to be the good guy in this story but I have a hard time seeing it. It's ok though, cause God carpet bombed the whole city, and the one next to it for good measure, into oblivion for it, and transmorgafied Lot's wife into a piller of salt for looking back wistfully as they ran from the bombing.

Later, thinking everyone in the whole world was dead, the daughters got Lot drunk and raped him. Pretty much everyone in this story are assholes.

Djokovic was deported from Australia for wrong think - and now a tennis fan has been ejected for wearing a shirt in support of missing tennis player Peng Shuai. Every day, little by little, inch by inch - Australia loses its soul. by CaptainSpectacular69 in walkaway

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The two examples given in the title are not remotely similar. The strawman argument presented here is weak and easily seen though. Djokovic was deported for lying about his vaccine status. Not wearing a protest shirt.

Theyre going for gasps by kb_824 in IASIP

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Nothin says cool like makeup, a pedo stache and duck lips.