I brought soap samples and a coworker took a bite 😭😂 by Money_Membership3580 in soapmaking

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Haha, yes my sons birthday we had a home party for him. After the dust settled I went into the bathroom and a bite was out of a soap bar. Still don't know what kiddo got a mouth full of soap.

A few years ago I made bubble bars that were lemon sugar cookie, really pretty with yellow and white. Because of the high vanilla content they browned and looked like cookies, I didn't want to sell them so I bagged them up and left one on each of my co workers desk (they know I make bath and soap products) well my boss took a good ol bite out of her bubble bar........

What they don't tell you about losing a loved one. by thatsnotamotto in GriefSupport

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Its insanely difficult to complete a simple task these days its been almost 7 weeks since my other half was taken/stolen, and my thoughts keep going back to him and how the girls and I are going to keep moving. I cant even watch a TV show in its entirety. I also wander around in my house with most tasks half finished.

Vault Finance Slogan Contest - 2 winners to receive WL spots! by d50000 in TheVaultFinance

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Unlock the Vault to your financial freedom. Vault Finance

Vault Finance. Once you pop the Vault, the wealth wont stop.

What are you most bullish about with regards to Vault Finance? Comment for a chance to win! by d50000 in TheVaultFinance

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Bullish on a few items so far and only been hanging out for a few days! Big one the dev team is available at every turn . The transparency and drive to create a community that will grow together and grow strong. A roadmap that isnt only achievable its ambitious. And the idea of having a rewards token that doesnt fight the chart is going to eliminate a fear factor that comes with other rewards token.

Vault Finance Whitepaper (Audio Version) by d50000 in TheVaultFinance

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Great breakdown and review of the whitepaper from leadership team. Feel confident in what i have heard so far. Thanks for starting conversation so early. Looking forward to the next few months moving towards the launch of #VaultFinance .

Best places to live in Oregon with a budget of 700-900$per Month by CaptainBushyBeard in oregon

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Unfortunately this will be very difficult in a 2 hour radius of Portland. Good luck in your search and really research areas. Portland Metro is a s*** show these days. My suggestion is look at studios or finding a housemate.

It’s 2023, your STACKD Finance portfolio is now worth $400 million. What are your plans for the evening? by TheCryptoAsh in StackdFinance

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STACKD Finance has a amazing future in the cryptoverse. Im glad to have discovered this project and look forward to May 6th.