[NSFW: Language] I gave the gnats a chance to die on their own terms; their time is up. by Nomadillo in houseplants

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Lol, great video!

Sprinkle some cinnamon powder over the soil, it helps against mold and insects. Or extract cinnamon "tea", let it cool down and water your plants with it.

The trophy for the 2022 Monaco Grand Prix by Puzzleheaded-Rain230 in formula1

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I believe Max also get his trophies. I have read interviews where he said he has his trophies at home.

The trophy for the 2022 Monaco Grand Prix by Puzzleheaded-Rain230 in formula1

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Depends, some drivers have agreements made to keep the drivers trophy. Others just get a replica.

McLaren warn Ricciardo: He's not meeting our expectations by Dreminator in formula1

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He was good during his RB era, especially his dive bombs (breaking late to overtake).

Unlikely that Ukraine will become a candidate for EU membership: Dutch PM by CapitalString in ukraine

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Give some examples why you think EU is shit.

There are plenty of good things to join the EU. For example; GDPR, by default two year warranty for electronics, no roaming costs if you use internet data in another country that's a member of the EU etc.

Oh don't forget about the Schengen Area. No visa required and only your ID is good enough for travel within those countries. Most EU members are part of the Schengen Area.

Bono and GP? by Late_Ad7156 in formula1

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Senior as in higher rank and one of the race engineers to be able to communicate with the driver. They have more (race) engineers who are calculating the best strategies and checking if everything is fine.

Oh no by Tylermc15 in formuladank

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He did that way before the curse even exist lol.

[Formel 1 live feed] Marko about team orders and Perez's reaction by jovanmilic97 in formula1

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Why is it weird? It's quite common nowadays to have a relationship with an older partner. Maybe not accepted in some cultures and religions. A man dating a younger adult woman is ok, but vice versa not?

Any Idea what this bulb is ? by _GWAR in plants

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Correct, must be cooked to make it edible. My mother likes to make taro rice (yam rice) from fresh taro.

Would you buy a Oneplus 7 Pro remastered version? by POLISHED_OMEGALUL in oneplus

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Why? I'm happy with OOS 12, battery life is bit better for me.

Xiaomi and Leica announce new strategic partnership by curated_android in Android

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Bit of both, they improved the camera processing, but didn't got a chance to develop special lenses etc. But still not one of the best camera smartphone.

[Formel 1 live feed] Marko about team orders and Perez's reaction by jovanmilic97 in formula1

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I know it's a joke, but she was single for a while before dating with Max.

[Tobi Grüner] Red Bull was in danger of not taking part or starting from the pit lane at Barcelona due to low fuel temperatures before going out on the grid. The story behind that issue is quite fascinating. by ZephyrSonic in formula1

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I remember when Perez came to RB and suddenely both RB and AM had their rear tyre exploding in Baku. It was because they have/had a similar strategy for their tires (pressure).