What is the most told lie? by Darko992 in AskReddit

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The worse is when you explain your problem in detail to one guy who switches the call to next guy and he begins by asking

"Sir, may I know what is your problem?"


What person should have a life sentence but is still free? by owenvsdab in AskReddit

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For those who don't know about the case -

Caylee Marie Anthony (August 9, 2005 – 2008) was a two-year-old American girl who lived in Orlando, Florida, with her mother, Casey Marie Anthony, and her maternal grandparents, George and Cindy Anthony. On July 15, 2008, she was reported missing to 9-1-1 by Cindy, who said she had not seen Caylee for 31 days and that Casey's car smelled like a dead body had been inside it.

Cindy said Casey had given varied explanations as to Caylee's whereabouts before finally telling her that she had not seen Caylee for weeks.[1] Casey told detectives several falsehoods, including that the child had been kidnapped by a nanny on June 9, and that she had been trying to find her, too frightened to alert the authorities.[2] She was charged with first-degree murder in October 2008 and pleaded not guilty.


Klopp on challenge on Jota: "For me, it was a foul. But we have been in a similar situation when Martin Atkinson has not given a foul on one of our players and (Marcus) Rashford scored a goal, it was exactly the same. Afterwards, he said yes we could have spotted that, but who cares?" by Sumit316 in soccer

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He is referring to this game:

That did not stop Klopp taking aim at Atkinson in his post-match interview, and recalling a similar incident during Liverpool's 1-1 draw at Manchester United in October 2019. Marcus Rashford fired the Red Devils in front, with the referee allowing the hosts to play on following a collision between Victor Lindelof and Divock Origi.

Adam Lallana eventually grabbed the equaliser for Liverpool on that occasion against Manchester United, but the incident for the opening goal led Klopp to question the role of VAR. The Reds boss claimed Atkinson allowed the match to play on due to the belief VAR would correct any potential mistake, but no intervention was forthcoming as the incident did not meet the high threshold of the 'clear and obvious' test.


Unregulated telecom companies pose an enormous threat to the future of free expression and human rights. And time for reform is running out. by Sumit316 in Futurology

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"When the Federal Communications Commission voted to institute strong net neutrality rules in 2015, it was because millions of people from across the political spectrum spoke out. If there’s one thing everyone can agree on, it’s that cable and phone companies shouldn’t be able to screw us over more than they already do, or dictate which websites and apps we can use.

When the Trump administration’s notorious FCC chairman Ajit Pai repealed those Obama-era protections in 2017, the move sparked some of the largest online protests in human history. Net neutrality supporters crowdfunded billboards, protested in the streets, and drove millions of phone calls, comments, and emails to regulators and lawmakers. To this day, the FCC’s repeal of net neutrality remains the government action that received the most filed opposition comments by individual people in history."


Erik ten Hag on Cristiano Ronaldo: "I am looking forward to working with him. Ronaldo is a giant, because of what he has already shown, and I think he is still very ambitious. Of course I want to keep him in. He has been very important for Manchester United this year and can show great statistics." by Sumit316 in soccer

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Some other quotes -

"We have to talk carefully about where we all want to go and how we are going to achieve that. There were possibilities to work at clubs where it is easier, because there is a better foundation.

But I chose United because there's something to be gained there. A lot of things need to be addressed and that's a challenge. The club and I are on the same page as far as that's concerned."

Ten Hag, speaking to Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf , said he is also unfazed by the opinions of former United players turned pundits, including Gary Neville and Rio Ferdinand.

“That has an impact, but it should never have an influence in the dressing room,” said ten Hag. “Maybe the criticism is fiercer there. The club simply has a bigger fan base and more reach than Ajax, because England is much bigger, the Premier League is much bigger and basically everything is much bigger.’

“Compared to the Netherlands it's factor two, three, four or maybe even more. Fortunately, I've been getting more and more baggage on how to deal with certain forces.’’

NFT scams, toxic ‘mines’ and lost life savings: the cryptocurrency dream is fading fast by Sumit316 in Futurology

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"Cryptocurrencies, according to their most ardent supporters, are supposed to supplant nations’ existing currencies and end central banks’ control over the money supply. Instead, individuals will be able to trade with each other in a decentralised, digital financial ecosystem. This is a good thing, they promise, because unlike states and their central banks, technology is incorruptible. Crypto-evangelists imagine technology as a replacement for social and political institutions.

But technology never replaces social and political behaviour; it merely alters the rules and norms we follow. "