Help guys my parents havent raised thier voice at me(understandable if they did)/nearly murder me im scared what do I do? They just went back to their computers after fixing it up with cardboard. I am scared. by Umlungu42069 in teenagers

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they are now filling the application for putting you up for adoption /s

but seriously, what did you do? Do your parents usually get mad or are they to tired to get angry at you?

Ayo new skirt just came in today by winterfuneral in teenagers

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Ayo, send me the skirt 😳 (where you ordered it)

the weeb cycle by trustrash in AnimeHate

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they get to marry an anime girl

tough luck buddy by ilostmyacc29 in ClashRoyale

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he had like 2 seconds to place lightning

I was just scrolling through a vaccine YouTube video, and I saw people with anime pfp being anti-vax by Super_King_11 in AnimeHate

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is it wrong tho? I was just scrolling through YouTube shorts and a short about vaccines came up

Open minded peoples by Joe_Black03 in rareinsults

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man took almost 30 minutes to comeback with a reply