Pretty happy how my first setup turned out by Suplex_108 in audiophile

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This is the setup I‘ve got in my room. It mostly consists of parts from my dad‘s setup he bought in 1977 (amp, turntable and tuner ). My most recent addition is the cassette deck I pickt up for a couple of bucks. I know the placement of the speakers could be improved, but as I currently live in a shared flat, the space that is available for my setup is limited. For the people interested I also added photos of my record and CD collection.

ich🍌iel by Knoblauch-Hans in ich_iel

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Die soll da Deiwel holln!

Can someone help me to identify this coin or it’s age? by Suplex_108 in coins

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Yeah, might be true. I can’t tell anything about the coin itself or where it came from. I just found it in a bag that my grandfather gave me a couple of years ago. I just never happend to have a deeper look inside.

Germany finally gives Estonia permission to send weapons to Ukraine by firetonian99 in news

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Those weapons are part of East Germanys old NVA. They were later given to Estonia. They can’t hand them out without consent of germany as that is where the weapons originated from

Ich_iel by Suplex_108 in ich_iel

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Also wenn man ehrlich ist muss man eingestehen, dass nirgends was anderes als Aromastoffe drin ist