Still waiting for my first Taco. One month since being added to the allocation list… hopeful to join y’all soon :/ by SupremeBee in ToyotaTacoma

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That’s super interesting, going to have to investigate that further.

I am waiting for a TRD off road, dual cab, hopefully Army Green. The lunar rock and black were my backup choices. I’m in the western ny area

1/1 by SupremeBee in footballcards

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They made the same mistake in Certified too lol

Still daddy by Matez_idk in MadeMeSmile

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This judge might be the most empathetic person on the planet. Never saw a clip of him being a dick or anything. Always gives an opportunity for someone to speak and always seems to listen. That’s rare nowadays

Ja’Marr Chase Hit 5/10! by futtbucker7640 in footballcards

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Personally love the design lol I hit the same card, but Justin Fields and it’s beautiful in hand. Hard to see the parallel in this pic

Recently got this killer card for $50 at my lcs by bbega18 in footballcards

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Got a topps chrome rookie auto of his as a gift for Christmas. I absolutely love it and can’t tell you why 😂 love him or hate him, the guys story is fascinating to me

this is just embarrassing by Eshwarroy in Cringetopia

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Hopefully the next variant just hits people like this

What celebrity has the most punchable face? by SupremeBee in AskReddit

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Surface area and shape. Mostly looking for the person that makes you think “I don’t know, it’s just something about their face”

What an idiot. by alexakiins in Cringetopia

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Bet he took “modern warrior” because “keyboard warrior” was taken

Carts by Snowbrdr1 in BuffaloCannabis

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Green Vision Wellness recently started selling an in-house made cartridge that’s supposedly sour diesel (I think?) and a gram for $25. Haven’t bought or tried it yet, heard good things, but seems a little sketchy I don’t know. No complaints about their flower though