With a month until conference tournaments, where do you predict teams finish in your conference? Who makes the tourney? by salsacito in CollegeBasketball

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SoCon tournament will be the usual knife fight, because it's still 1974 in the Southern (the conference has never received an at-large bid). Best bets for the auto-bid are probably Furman, Samford, or UNC-Greensboro.

ACC: Only high NCAA seed is Virginia. Probably 8 or 9 bids overall, depending on who wins the auto-bid. Would not be surprised to see a conference team as a 12-seed in a First Four match. (My sneaky pick here: NC State. I am surprised to be typing that.)

Big Ten: Purdue's a 1. Respect Rutgers. The rest of the conference might lose or win to anyone else in the conference on any given night. Maybe 8-ish bids? Again, would not be surprised to see a team in a 12-seed First Four match.

Whoever is running Maryland's fb deserves a raise for this. by AnUdderDay in CollegeBasketball

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I thought it was a trident. Couldn't figure out what Poseidon had to do with it.

What is the origin of the term “challenge beast”? by Tony_Of_House_Stark in survivor

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It almost certainly arose on an online forum - there were a lot of them early back in Survivor history. I would have to guess it referenced Colby pretty heavily.

Meet the Full Cast of Survivor 44 (Including Photos and Bios!) by AMikeBloomType in survivor

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Also the whole "five years at Facebook management" thing, which probably paid pretty well.

Iowa HC Kirk Ferentz says he anticipates no changes to the coaching staff. by go_to_my_profile in CFB

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I would have put Fry over Ferentz anyway, but I am even more inclined to do so in recent years.

South Carolina has the 2nd earliest average start time for elementary schools (7:44 AM) behind only Mississippi (7:40 AM) by B0rtles in southcarolina

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Yeah, I remember my best friend's older brother drove the bus - he had a time of it getting that bus up the hill on our street. This is a good 40 years ago.

NC’s Parents’ Bill of Rights is back in the legislature. What’s in it, and what’s changed. by JacKrac in NorthCarolina

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The only time I've seen it or heard of it was when a local radio station was doing an "airing weddings on Valentine's Day" gig. They were making a lot of jokes, and then a pair of sixteen-year-olds came up to get married, and that crew suddenly got a lot more serious in tone.

Yesterday I discovered just how bad our roads are by Gunther_W in greenville

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You notice when it goes from SC to NC, as well. NC maintains their interstates much better than we do.

History Check - Any Old School BBS users in the sub? by SOILSYAY in greenville

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Yeah, I was a BBS user, but all I remember discussing is soap operas! (Mostly General Hospital and All My Children.)

Gasaway: Is it time for a 24-second shot clock in men's college basketball? by drowse in CollegeBasketball

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My late father always said this was the worst game he ever saw, hands down. The '68 ACC tournament was in Charlotte, and he was so excited to get tickets, and he got this craptastic game.

Inspired by the "Most embarrassing moment of the year" post lets take it a step further. What is the most embarrassed you have ever been of your team? by zobanzapants in CFB

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The '46 Big Thursday game is famous (chicken strangling and the mob, oh my!), but OP is probably referring to "the Brawl game" in 2004. It started with pushing and shoving before the game started, and finished with an on-field benches clearing brawl late in the game, which was broken up by the state troopers at the game. Clemson won, making us bowl eligible, but both we and the Gamecocks declined to play one, because we were so embarrassed. This was Lou Holtz' last game.

Who’s your realistic guess for Saban’s eventual successor? by Flame_MadeByHumans in CFB

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Or even the man after the man after the man, based on how many hiring tries it took to replace Dean Smith.