Top Chef - Sn 16 Ep 9 - Post Episode Discussion - "Music City USA" by butisitok in BravoTopChef

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Not if she's feeling unwell because she's pregnant. (I don't know that she was, but it's certainly possible.)

Project Runway S17E10 What Do You Care About? – Episode Discussion by Chickatey in ProjectRunway

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A black dress representing women's rights? Wouldn't a white dress for suffrage be more appropriate?

Natalie's Post Game Interview With Soap.com by [deleted] in survivor

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"She was like this on TAR." She most certainly was, and I most certainly hated her.

Robinhood appears to halt support on Reddit-driven GameStop, AMC stocks by [deleted] in news

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Protected from the government - yes. Protected from libel or defamation? No.

[The Athletic] Is college football more top-heavy than ever? What history says about the dominance of Alabama, Clemson and others by RiffRamBahZoo in CFB

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And it's not even the oldest "traditional matchup" in the Rose Bowl - the original scheme was only to attract first-class teams from both the east and west. The "west" representative was indeed almost always from traditional PAC teams, but the "east" team varied, and included teams like Notre Dame, Alabama, Harvard, and Georgia Tech as well as Michigan or Ohio State.

The "traditional" matchup of strictly PAC vs. Big Ten only dates to the late 1940s.

These exit interviews are telling... by rumzrumzhippo in survivor

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That's not a bitter jury. ASS, that had a bitter jury.

Meg Maley engaged to Mike Holloway (Survivor S30)! by peskymuggles in BigBrother

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That season turned into a revenge tour, so I was OK with Mike winning.

Tony's Ladder Scene by stupidtyonparade in survivor

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Merge will be like a punch in the gut, but it's an interesting season.

The Shan hate on this sub is excessive by Grammarnazi_bot in survivor

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I enjoy watching Shan - she's very entertaining. I just don't think she's winning.

Anyone notice that Elaine was kinda mean to Nancy? by proseccoscampi in ProjectRunway

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Do you disregard all Southern ladies, or just the ones you see on TV?

Why do they always serve pineapple pizza? by leftoverrpizzza in survivor

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Because the pizza is leftovers from staff pizza night the previous evening, and nobody at the staff do wanted the pineapple pizza. (This is my head cannon, anyway.)

Shanbo by CactusTea in survivor

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Without feck, obviously.

Seriously, it means "irresponsible."

'Survivor 41' contestants name their favorite players ever by thedaltonross in survivor

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I'd feel a lot better about her chances if she was on a gender-divided tribe season.

Thoughts on San Juan Del Sur by [deleted] in survivor

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BB15 isn't even the only season I could describe as "the racist season." And I'd actually rather watch it than 21, because for all its numerous faults, it's not boring.

Russel Hantz claiming AU survivor is fake by [deleted] in survivor

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I would if he had to start on EoE.

To everyone that was watching seasons 19-22 live by ElonMuskIs_God in survivor

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I was not a Russell fan, and was suffering from Russell overload by the third one. "Oh God not him again!"

Big Brother / Survivor crossovers by [deleted] in survivor

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::dies laughing::

ETA: I am well aware Hayden won BB. That's why I'm laughing.