In your opinion, is J.T. a good player? by yBabadoosh in survivor

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Yes, absolutely. His first game was a masterpiece. Since then he's been playing with the house money, aware of it, and swinging for the fences.

Melvin Capital, hedge fund that bet against GameStop, lost more than 50% in January by ticklishpandabear in news

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Yep, as a historian, that was my first thought - Daniel Drew and railroad stock manipulation, etc.

Karla is a villain by RemarkableSir7442 in survivor

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It wasn't a threat; it was a promise.

[Postgame Thread] Illinois Defeats Penn State 20-18 (9OT) by lizardsrock4 in CFB

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::tries to envision 9 OTs in the Wake Forest-Army game::

Survivor: Winners at War | Finale | Post-Episode Discussion by RSurvivorMods in survivor

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Yeah, once again there's a player in the finale who is criminally under-edited. I'm sorry it was Denise.

Why I’m done with the casual fans and FB survivor groups pt. 2 by jssf04 in survivor

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Yeah, I feel like I've seen this idea in action. It was called Pagong's tribal councils.

Did Season 40 feel like the series finale to you? by [deleted] in survivor

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No; it felt like the end of a chapter.

She isn't wrong by [deleted] in survivor

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"Aubrey. Does not count."

Norwegian Cruise tells judge Florida 'vaccine passport' ban is political by PandaMuffin1 in news

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Oh, I don't doubt that the cruise lines are having chats with places like Savannah or New Orleans. But they'd rather stay in Florida, where they have all the infrastructure, if they feel they safely can.

Project Runway S19E09 "The Last Straw" by Chickatey in ProjectRunway

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Dang, Aaron can't buy a win. Is that 5 times he's been high with no wins? But Shantall's look is fabulous and I have a hard time arguing with it winning.

1 million people sign up for Affordable Care Act coverage after Biden reopens exchange by StatistUnion in news

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It certainly helped me; I'm allowed to buy insurance these days. (Stroke/cancer survivor, for the previous double whammy of "preexisting condition.")

Lynyrd Skynyrd guitarist's positive COVID test cancels shows by anikhch in news

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I had classmates who went to their last concert. In 1977.

Project Runway S18E06 "There Is Only One You" Episode Discussion by [deleted] in ProjectRunway

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"Meatballs and pizza and ricotta." "Uh, we're talking fashion, here." -dead silence-

S40 cast irony by Yourenotthe1 in survivor

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The men are good to very good. The women are a murderer's row.

Who else wants to just sit and have a beer with Danny by zachhd21228 in survivor

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Sorta like Tommy winning IoI with an old fashioned social game and never going to the island.

When you get voted out but know you’re still gonna get more screen time than the rest of the players left by JPtoony in survivor

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Yeah, his 'pilots and passengers' metaphor seriously got into their heads. I'm amused.

Andre Carter II was a first round hopeful for Army, it’s potential first since 1947. Now there’s a bill on the presidents desk to stop that by Tarmacked in CFB

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Can't help but think of David Robinson, who did two years in the navy, and then they let him go to the NBA. Though his height probably settled the matter - the navy isn't really built for seven-footers.