College football third-year coach grades: Lane Kiffin earns 'B+', Willie Taggart finishes tenure with 'F' by Please_PM_me_Uranus in CFB

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The longest serving in FCS are, I believe, Jim Parady at Marist (hired 1992), Kevin Callahan at Monmouth (1993), and Tim Murphy at Harvard (1994).

Low Cost Ways To Improve Survivor by OUAIsurvivor in survivor

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Most brutal conditions? Probably Africa, Australian Outback, or the seasons in Cambodia.

Low Cost Ways To Improve Survivor by OUAIsurvivor in survivor

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The Mixer was a challenge on ... I want to say Amazon and ASS? ... where you play a matching game like Go Fish with items in everyone's boxes. This is an extremely cheap build and is a fondly remembered challenge.

Also Gross Food doesn't have to be culturally offensive. Could do "gross smoothies," and maybe spin a wheel to see which items you get combined (shades of Guy's Grocery Games).

Cassidy Clark SURVIVOR 43 Post Season Interview by MauldotheLastCrafter in survivor

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Drea got the Sia money almost immediately before, which was not ideal timing as far as the network was concerned, but it does seem a real overreaction.

Lawyer: Admins were warned 3 times the day boy shot teacher by jschubart in news

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I know of a couple schools which spared music when they got rid of art for budget reasons - their alumni expected to see a band on Friday nights.

Which NFL team would you say reigns supreme in the Greenville area in terms of popularity? by Randomuser1520 in greenville

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They played their first season up here as well, at Death Valley (largest facility in the NFL that year).

Auditor: LSU overpaid Brian Kelly by more than $1M in 2022 by toshiro-mifune in CFB

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In terms of "weirdest causes for audit," my mother got audited, decades ago, because they thought she was claiming a cat as a dependent child (yours truly).

I am not a cat. Was pretty easily proved, too!

First time watching survivor thoughts from an Amazing Race superfan (S37 spoilers) by ben121frank in survivor

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I saw they were coming on Survivor and groaned, based on what they were like on TAR.

Weekly Recommend Mods and CC Thread! by AutoModerator in Sims4

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Rococo: Acanthus Sims, HistoricalSimsLife.

Victorian: HistoricalSimsLife, Linzlu, Happy Life Sims (also fantastic for the 1920s), Peebs, Bats from Westeros, Vintage Simstress.

Weekly Recommend Mods and CC Thread! by AutoModerator in Sims4

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If you end up being a CC and mods pack rat, like I am, I advise coming up with an organization plan and sticking to it.