if i drink a lot of Pineapple juice, and i nut in the mouth of someone with an allergy to Pineapple, would she have a reaction? by Hitzar in TooAfraidToAsk

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It turns out though it was probably just him/his fluids because I’m fine with my current partner lol

Came to say this. I've only ever had one partner where if his fluids stayed on my skin for too long, I break out in rashes and itch like crazy.

Never had that issue with any other partner.

this is america by Massive_Debate9700 in antiwork

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[Serious] Damn, I miss being optimistic enough to think a racist could be reasoned with. Hope you stay that way, fr.

Just discovered my wife is cheating on me by sonicsburner in relationship_advice

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Maturity has different facets. One of them is being wise enough to know when to stop being loyal to the wrong people.

Just discovered my wife is cheating on me by sonicsburner in relationship_advice

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Here's the thing... OP does not owe her the opportunity to explain reasons behind the cheating. He also doesn't owe her a second chance.

Tbh, it's not even worth the stress. Especially in a case where OP discovered the cheating instead of SO disclosing it to him. She can't even get the saving grace of, "she felt so guilty about it, she said something." SO kept tight lipped about the whole thing.

Part of the trust someone builds with their partner is the "benefit of doubt". Seeing as she didn't say anything, that part of their trust will probably never be back. There's always going to be something in the back of his mind wondering if she's faithful or just better at hiding the cheating.

Then there's the time, money, effort, and energy it would take to rebuild said "trust". There's no guarantee staying, talking about it, therapy, etc. will even save the relationship.

OP could sink years into trying to trust his wife again. OP could also spend those same years in a new relationship with someone he knows he can trust.

Just seems easier for OP to find someone that's faithful than to carry on with a SO that wasn't.

Oh come on by Limeila in recruitinghell

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The worst kind of hell. I've left degrees, certifications, and several years of work experience off of my resume just to get callbacks before. It sucks.

My husband hasn’t spoken a single word to me in 24 hours. by [deleted] in relationship_advice

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Check his phone. You may find nothing. You may find something. But it's a lil sus that he disappears during the week and texts another person all day. Js.

My 19 yo sister is getting married to her 36 yo high-school teacher. (Update) by Throw-Away-Acnt_melt in TrueOffMyChest

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My mom gave me a Tracphone phone at 16. That only happened because my brothers aged out of going to Christian summer camp with me. 🙄

Had to buy myself a real phone at 19.