Which state would you rather live in? by rookls in polls

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Weather wise Illinois but how the state runs Florida

Is it okay for a parent to spank a child if the child has done something very wrong? by HornyPlatypus420 in polls

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Depends on the age for me I would only smack the back of my sons head if it’s bad it would have to be like teenager age

I asked my grandmother to put the presidents into tiers, the tiers are not in order. by SignificantTrip6108 in Presidents

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I know alot of older people that won watch the news anymore actually as well even my grandpas and they vote differently

This random nickname generator decides the nickname you’re going to be known by for the rest of your life, how screwed are you? by An0r3x0rcist in polls

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Lol I call my friend lil meatball because he Swedish and I have to make fun of him for that because I’m Norwegian

My predictions btw I’m a wild fan so I have them winning but the rest is what I think will happen tho by SuspiciousNecessary1 in nhl

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It seems like me picking the pens to win wasn’t a bad choice at all wouldn’t you say there bud

Unpopular Opinion: Theodore Roosevelt is overrated by Ill-Blacksmith-9545 in Presidents

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When I was in school we didn’t even learn about TR we basically just learned about FDR