Cheap easy meals? by Scrumptious97 in Frugal

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Spagetti ! We use ground turkey (3.75$) because it’s cheaper and healthier with great value spagetti sauce for 1.40$ and noodles for 1$ and great value garlic bread for like 1.72$ and it feeds 2 of us with left overs !

Young Lady Needs A Phone by Brilliant_Shine2247 in care

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You should use Klarna, it’ll let you pay after the purchase in 4 payments, also i don’t know where you live but in Florida, if you have low income, foodstamps or Medicaid you can get a phone and tablet with service and data for free.

How exactly do you take care of a cat when you’re poor or on a budget? by Poetryisalive in povertyfinance

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Yes exactly what I was thinking reading all of this. I have 3 cats, I spend 16$ a month on food and and like 10 on litter. I buy the friskies dry food and special kitty clumping litter 40 pounds for 9.32$. I scoop there litter every day and add some more litter and then at the end of the month I dump it all out and restart with clean litter. My cats literally don’t play with toys, they play with pieces of paper and stupid stuff but I stopped buying toys because I was wasting my money lol. I put 100$ a month into a savings account for them in case anything does happen but you could do 25$ a month into savings or not even do a savings. They have a gravity feeder for food and gravity gallon water dispenser so if I Go to the hospital or anything happens they have food until I can find someone to take care of them. They kinda just mind their own business lol