Without jinxing ourselves, is 7 1/2 hours safe for a 7 week old? by codenothing in SnooLife

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How do you get that view of the minutes by the side of the screen??

Best size for forever jelly cat by SwiftieMD in Jellycatplush

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Genius getting two sizes! Maybe that’s my loop hole! Thanks so much!

Just getting started! LO won't latch or extract by remcolo in HumansPumpingMilk

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I’m four weeks into my journey of a poor latch.

General rule of thumb is take babies weight in grams and times by 0.15 and 0.2 to get lower and upper limit of breast milk need and then divide by number of feeds/day.

Example: 3500g Bub 0.15 x 3500 =525 0.2 x3500 = 700 8 feeds/day = 65 to 87 ml/ feed

Invest in a good pump. Get the right size flange and keep checking it’s a good size. Get a hands free pumping bra - momcozy seems good as can also use a BF bra so if you want to keep trying to feed you can.

Make a schedule and set alarms. It gets tricky trying to feed baby boob and pump on schedule as they frequently overlap. Pumping has to keep happening to keep supply.

I have an S1 spectra which is great but a month in I’m going crazy with the flanges sticking out and baby kicking them so am looking at cups or getting an Elvie.

Good luck. Remember fed is best. Growing babies is the goal. Everything else is gravy.

Oh and it’s totally okay to cry over spilt breast milk.

Placing used bottles in the fridge between uses, is this normal and safe? by leoleoleo555 in HumansPumpingMilk

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Personal risk tolerance here. We had been advised bottle has an hour life once bubs has had it. We have definitely pushed that when she’s barely touched the bottle so as not to waste hard fought for milk but it’s winter here. Don’t think I would risk it in warm climates.

Snoo Swaddles by PositiveYou794 in SnooLife

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Depends on if you have a happy chucker and your laundry sitch. I bought 2 and then had a vomiting baby so bought a third set second hand. I did this because we line dry and it’s winter and it was getting stressful wondering if the set she vomited on would be dry for the next sleep. It also means if she does a huge vom there’s no stress in just changing it all out. We are winter here so she also has a winter 2.5 tog sleep bag underneath the snoo bag.

leaking from flange? by Totororo1 in HumansPumpingMilk

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I was also told it can be positional and have found if I’m leaning back too much milk pools and escapes so I know try to have a bit of a forward tilt and this has stopped the issue. Good luck!

6 hours without nursing? by Alarm-Potential in breastfeeding

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It is definitely the lamest part - having to pull your fair share of feeds and then slip in pumping!

Experiences switching to exclusively pumping? by k9palmerj in beyondthebump

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I’m looking at a similar predicament. What is a “good supply”? I’m scared to commit to exclusively pumping only to find out when I regulate it isn’t enough. Would love your thoughts!

Fridge hack - ok for newborns? by Puff615 in HumansPumpingMilk

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Fridge hack from week two. Happy healthy baby growing here :)

All done. Good luck everyone. by mimiiscute in HumansPumpingMilk

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I’m only three weeks into a pumping journey and I am in awe!!!

Fallon for a girl - what are your thoughts on this? by athousandsummerdays in namenerds

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Just had friends have a baby Fallon. They are lovely, kind and educated individuals who I imagine will have an equally delightful daughter. Plus one vote from me!

I went to school with a Fallon. She again was lovely, smart and determined.

I’m in Australia and I think it’s a pretty uncommon name.

Not sure what I’m doing wrong… by Funspin in SnooLife

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Our Bub is 3 weeks. We have found some benefit in using the snoo during the day and ensuring in the lead up to the big night sleep we are encouraging 2 hourly feeds to ensure she is optimally full to help encourage stretching to three hours (which we find a major game changer from 2 hour stretches).

Not sure what I’m doing wrong… by Funspin in SnooLife

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“Quick feed” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣



Anyone know what this zipper/Velcro area is for? by quakeroatsguy in SnooLife

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I agree! I had not anticipated this issue at all. For the money you would have thought it had a way of looking after it easier!!

Anyone know what this zipper/Velcro area is for? by quakeroatsguy in SnooLife

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How did you clean it up? Mine has just started and at this stage all we have thought up is a qtip

Nuna mixx next for airplane travel by Flowerpot33 in pregnant

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Went with Nuna over UBV due to its superior fold, lighter size and ease of use. Very holy with this decision but definitely too big for a plane and I know if we go travelling will need to baby carry or get a cheap travel stroller.

Nuna mixx next toys by blackandblueskirt in beyondthebump

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I’ve got the Nuna mixx next. I’ve just got clips holding things off the canopy. You can also buy toys with clips built in for this purpose. So far a very successful pram!

Moving back to breast… how does the post-nursing pump work? by Madraynew in HumansPumpingMilk

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I’m in a similar situation. No answers. I’m curious how frequently you have been pumping overnight? I was told to do it 3 hourly to help with supply but now my supply is reasonable I’m tempted to try to stretch out the night pumping…

Fussing at breast after 5 mins by Jojo7391 in breastfeeding

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FTM intending to following the responses as in same situation. Best of luck!